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A little thank-you to a favourite thing

Thank-you notes are cool right? Whether they are the old fashioned pen and paper type or the more up to date text or email; they’re nice to give and receive aren’t they? I always try to say thank-you because I’m a stickler for good manners, and I think I achieve it with people but what… Continue reading A little thank-you to a favourite thing


Christmas jumpers – hit or miss?

So, before I say anything please let me wish you all a Merry Christmas Eve! I love Christmas Eve, all the anticipation reaches fever pitch and everybody is excited and happy. Part of me loves it more than Christmas Day itself. What are your thoughts? Anyway, as there is just enough time to squeeze in… Continue reading Christmas jumpers – hit or miss?


I just don’t close doors now apparently

Well, I do close the important ones! It's not like I'm driving with the door open or leaving the house without locking up, that would just be stupid! So, what am I talking about? Is this a build up to some metaphorical reasoning? Nope! I'm simply referring to the doors within my house. So, why… Continue reading I just don’t close doors now apparently