Review policy

I am currently accepting books for review, so if you would like to get in touch then please use the contact me form.

I’m open to all genres, with mystery/thrillers being my favourite. I have no preference on which format I receive books in, and am happy to work with what suits the author/publisher best.

My reviews will always be honest and my opinions only. I reserve the right to refuse a request if I feel the book will not be of interest to me or if I don’t believe I have the time to dedicate to it. I try my best to avoid any spoilers but I am always careful to disclose if a review contains any.

I use a rating system of 1-5 stars for every book that I review and this system is broken down as follows:

5 – A perfect read! I absolutely loved it!

4 – Pretty much perfect in every way!

3 – An average read. There were elements that I liked and others which I didn’t, but overall I enjoyed it.

2 – Not for me. It wasn’t awful but I didn’t like it.

1 – I did not enjoy this one at all!

I do use half stars if I feel it is appropriate/I am really struggling to pin it down to a particular star.

I will always disclose if I have received a free copy of a book to review, whether this is from NetGalley or elsewhere. Besides this any books that I review will have been purchased by myself or borrowed from a friend/family member.

I do not work to a strict deadline with regards publishing reviews usually, however if you would like me to publish a review within a particular time frame/on a particular date then I am happy to do so.

Thanks for reading!