Why I’m putting Les Misérables to one side…again

My parents gave me my copy of Les Misérables. It was going to be the book that I read to pass the time in between beginning Maternity Leave and having the baby. Well, Maternity Leave began in April 2019, and my daughter was born at the end of May 2019 and yet I didn't pick… Continue reading Why I’m putting Les Misérables to one side…again

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My October in a nutshell (2020)

If this isn't your first time here then you will already know that I approach my monthly wrap up posts with high, low, and standout moment categories. However, as I was thinking back over my October I couldn't really work out where to put things, I guess because it has been a pretty uneventful month… Continue reading My October in a nutshell (2020)


A book review: Frankenstein

TITLE: Frankenstein AUTHOR: Mary Shelley PUBLISHED: Originally published 1818, my edition published 1999 MY RATING: 4/5 *Synopsis taken from Goodreads* Begun when the author was only eighteen and conceived from a nightmare, Frankenstein is the deeply disturbing story of a monstrous creation which has terrified and chilled readers since its first publication in 1818. The novel has… Continue reading A book review: Frankenstein

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Top film picks for the spooky season (part two)

I wrote a post around this time last year where I shared my top 5 films for the spooky season, and in that post I promised a follow up because I really struggled to narrow my choices down. Of course I failed to post that follow up...until now. So, finally here is my part two.… Continue reading Top film picks for the spooky season (part two)