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The Outstanding Blogger Award Tag

Firstly let me start by saying thank you to Samantha and Amber at Bibliomavens for the nomination! If you haven't already checked out their blog then make sure you do, it's great and you'll really enjoy it! Here are the rules for this tag: Have the link to the creator's original award postAnswer the questions… Continue reading The Outstanding Blogger Award Tag

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Which is better…one book at a time or multiple books at once?

My post today is inspired by when I went to pick up a book earlier on (yes I'm finally back reading again), and I realised that I am reading four books at the same time, which is the most I've ever had on the go at once. It made me think about how my reading… Continue reading Which is better…one book at a time or multiple books at once?


Tips from writers: Stephen King

Today I'm bringing you another instalment in my series on writing. The first and second instalments are coincidently both deceased writers, but today I'm focusing on a writer who is still actively writing. His latest book was published in 2020 (If It Bleeds) and his earliest in 1974 (Carrie), a pretty impressive and longstanding career… Continue reading Tips from writers: Stephen King