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My June in a nutshell (2021)

After a super busy May, June turned out to be a lot quieter overall, which was actually quite nice. I feel like I had some downtime that seemed to be lacking the previous month. Don’t get me wrong I love to be busy and have lots to do but I also love curling up with a book and June gave me plenty of time for that! Keep reading to find out my highs, lows, and standout moments for the month.

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So, the month got off to the worst possible start because my daughter was ill again. Same as last time she had tonsillitis but a sudden spike in temperature meant that she had a series of seizures. Last time that this happened she only had one fit, but because there were three in a row this time we stayed in overnight so they could keep an eye on her. As much as I found it impossible to rest or sleep in the hospital, I must admit it put my mind at rest to know there were professionals nearby checking on her through the night. They did have to wake her at one point to give some more medicine because her temperature was rising again, so that alone shows it was the right decision to keep her in. She bounced back a lot faster this time around and within 24 hours of taking antibiotics she was back to her usual self again which was a huge relief. Unfortunately we’ve been told that this is quite common in children her age – it relates to a part of the brain that doesn’t develop until around the age of 5. The good news is that there is no lasting damage and she will grow out of it, the bad news is that as this has happened more than once, the likelihood is that it’ll happen every time she has a temperature. At least we are equipped to deal with it now though.

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We had some really gorgeous weather here in the UK throughout June, and I really made the most of it getting out and about pretty much everyday. There were trips to the beach, long walks, playdates at the park…the list goes on. After being cooped up inside for what feels like forever, it has been wonderful to get out and about again!

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My daughter has managed to memorise a few of her books that we read to her everyday. So now when we turn the pages she ‘reads’ them to us which is just the sweetest thing! Of course I know that she can’t actually read, she’s far too young for that, but the experience is as if she is and I just love it. I’m so excited for the days when she does start reading and she’s all excited to read to me. I hope her love of books continues to grow.

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For the second half of the month I’ve been suffering with toothache. As I’m sure you will have experienced it isn’t exactly straightforward to get a dentist appointment these days, but I did manage to get in eventually. A couple of x-rays later and my dentist has decided that one of my wisdom teeth needs to come out so I’m booked in to have that done in a couple of weeks. He said the tooth appears to have broken, and he won’t know for sure whether he will be able to remove it himself or whether I’ll need a hospital referral until he starts trying, so fingers crossed it all goes smoothly. I’ve heard some horror stories about wisdom tooth extractions, but to eliminate the pain I’m all for giving it a go! He did a regular check up at the same time and lavished compliments on me about my tooth brushing abilities so I must be doing something right at least!

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My nephew turned 9 this month. 9?! I’m gobsmacked at how quickly the time has gone by. I remember holding him for the first time after he was born and being eager to hand him back, because to me he was so tiny and I was scared I might hurt him, and now he’s one year off double figures! This year was the first year that I gave him money for his birthday rather than a present, he was happy with that and I thought it was the best idea because I knew he could use it for something gaming related (I won’t pretend to understand anything about that) but I must say that afterwards I felt a little sad because it was the first time of not seeing him open a present, another reminder of how grown up he is now.

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I feel as though I’m back in the swing of it with working now – I’m pretty much working my full hours again, and whilst I had to iron out a few rota issues, now that that is sorted I feel as though I’ve fully adjusted. More than that I feel as though my daughter has adjusted as well. She is far more comfortable with me being away from her more than before, and we have been making up for that by packing loads into the time that I’m not working, which is great as well. I also feel as though both the staff and customers are more understanding to the restrictions and rules in place for social distancing etc and that makes life so much easier. There aren’t as many battles on shift these days which certainly helps, and the fun is creeping back in now that everybody is more comfortable with what’s happening. Here’s hoping it continues!

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The other highlight for June was Father’s Day, it’s lovely to spoil the dad’s because they deserve a treat just as much as anybody else! And, it doesn’t matter how old you get, your dad is still your go-to, at least mine is for me. I’m 31 and I still spend a lot of time bugging my dad asking for help, advice, answers to questions etc etc, and whilst I know he doesn’t mind (in fact I think he likes knowing that he’s needed) it’s still important to acknowledge it and show appreciation – hopefully I do a good job of that!

Now for the more random bits from my June. I’m still spending lots of time watching true crime videos on YouTube – that obsession hasn’t dampened this month, and I’m still finding them as fascinating as before. Something else that hasn’t changed much this month either is my reading habits. The ‘all or nothing’ phase is continuing unfortunately. June has been better than May in so much as the all has outweighed the nothing but I really want to get back into reading daily, so that is my goal for July – wish me luck! I have enjoyed what I’ve read though so that’s great, and I have some great books lined up for this month.

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How was your month? Any highs, lows, or standout moments that you would like to share?

Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed!

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Until the next time…Jess x

13 thoughts on “My June in a nutshell (2021)

  1. Glad she’s full of energy again. What a relief! And with the tooth gone hopefully you’ll be feeling much better too. Had a great July so far – finally got away to the lakes and it was wonderful. Hope you are having a good July too 😊😎

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful to hear you are settled into work again – it’s great when you get into the swing of things again isn’t it.? And having some down time too is also important. Really nice to hear about your daughter’s love of books! Sorry to hear about your daughter’s tomsillitis. Sounds like you did the right thing taking her to hospital. I hope you get your tooth sorted out ok too!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Confess… Almost at once, I read only your highs, wanting to know your daughter’s OK. -but this could happen again. That must be so stressful
    I read the rest later – Gorgeous weather ? On a private water supply, mixed feelings are inevitable, especially as friends should be staying, on and off all summer.
    As for toothache… Definitely our June low… Offending tooth suffered life changing injuries in a school rugby match – husband, not me, quite a long time ago, and now needs the dreaded root canal work. Three year wait on the NHS- or the cost of two holidays ! Holidays so 2019 ? Rain arrived at last, so friends can stay…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is stressful yes, but the good news is that it’s directly linked to when/if she gets a temperature so as long as we catch one in time then we have a chance of avoiding it. Apparently kids grow out of it by the age of 5 so hopefully she will too. That’s great that your friends can stay – it’s been far too long of us being unable to see those that we care about, wishing you a wonderful summer! Oh root canal, I had that a few years ago – not a pleasant experience but so worth it, the pain is like nothing else! All the best for your husband 😊


  4. Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear your wee girl hasn’t been too well, but am glad she is a bit better now, and hopefully the fitting will stop as she gets older. Good luck with the wisdom tooth, toothache of any kind is a nightmare.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, it’s bad luck that she had two bouts of it close together, I’m hoping she’ll stay fighting fit for a good while now! I’m not used to her being unwell, she’s barely ever even caught a cold because so much of her life has been in lockdown, now that she’s exploring parks and new places I suppose it’s inevitable that she picks things up here and there. Oh yes, toothache is just awful, as much as I’m apprehensive to have the tooth out, this pain needs to go! Hope you are well and having a good month so far.


    1. It was a bit of a crazy month overall! Thank you, I’m hoping she’ll have a long stretch of being well now 😊 ah thank you, I’m nervous to have the tooth out but it needs to be done, the pain is horrible! Hope July is treating you well so far 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I extracted my wisdom tooth last year because I couldn’t stand the pain. I looked like a puffer fish for a weeks. My one piece of advice is make sure you have strong painkiller for when the anesthesia wears off and sleep it off as much as possible.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve heard about the swelling that usually happens – I suppose I can avoid feeling self conscious with my mask on at least. I’ll certainly make sure to have some painkillers nearby, thanks for the advice! It’ll be worth it eventually I’m sure 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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