Mr B’s Reading Subscription Box (April)

I mentioned in my March wrap up that I have a lot of book reviews sitting in my drafts, or worse, sitting in my head waiting to be written, and I toyed with either posting more than one review per post, or increasing my posts to twice a week. I decided to do the latter (as you can see with this one going up today). I have nothing against multiple reviews in one post, in fact I really like reading them, but I just prefer to do them separately on my own blog, so twice a week posting it is. I had wanted to post more frequently anyway, so hopefully this will go well and I can keep it up, wish me luck! Now, on to today’s post…

My parents very kindly gifted me a book subscription for my birthday this year. I’ve been patiently waiting since February for my first box (Covid unfortunately, but understandably delayed things), and now that I have it, I wanted to share it with you. I thought it would be fun to unbox each book here, so I hope you enjoy these posts going forward.

Let me start by telling you about this particular subscription box. So, to begin with you take a really in-depth questionnaire to give Mr B’s a clear picture about you and your reading tastes. From this they will be able to choose a book each month that they think will be a perfect match. You can opt in or out of their monthly teasers. I opted in, and what this means is that just prior to dispatch they will send you a hint email relating to the book that they have selected, and you can confirm that you are happy or ask them to choose something else – so good right?!

Ironically my first box arrived on the day I had to go into work for the first time after being furloughed again. I would’ve had just enough time to open it before I went, but I decided it would be better to have it to look forward to, so I waited until I got home. Firstly, can we appreciate the packaging – so cool, and so unusual! I’m not sure how obvious it is from the pictures but the quality is beautiful, and whilst I would’ve been happy with any type of packaging (the book is the important bit after all), I have to say I was over the moon with this. It just added that extra something that made the whole thing even more of an experience.

Now onto the actual book…

TITLE: The Blinds

AUTHOR: Adam Sternbergh


GENRE: Thriller

*Synopsis taken from Goodreads*

A blistering thriller from the Edgar-nominated author of Shovel Ready—a speculative modern Western with elements of Cormac McCarthy, Jim Thompson, and the Coen brothers that is wickedly funny, razor-sharp, and totally engrossing

Imagine a place populated by criminals-people plucked from their lives, with their memories altered, who’ve been granted new identities and a second chance. Welcome to The Blinds, a dusty town in rural Texas populated by misfits who don’t know if they’ve perpetrated a crime, or just witnessed one. What’s clear to them is that if they leave, they will end up dead.

For eight years, Sheriff Calvin Cooper has kept an uneasy peace—but after a suicide and a murder in quick succession, the town’s residents revolt. Cooper has his own secrets to protect, so when his new deputy starts digging, he needs to keep one step ahead of her—and the mysterious outsiders who threaten to tear the whole place down. The more he learns, the more the hard truth is revealed: The Blinds is no sleepy hideaway. It’s simmering with violence and deception, aching heartbreak and dark betrayals.

I haven’t heard of the book or the author before so this will be completely new for me, but the synopsis tells me this will be right up my street. It’s a pretty safe bet that I will enjoy a thriller after all. Fingers crossed it lives up to my expectations!

This is the first subscription box that I’ve had, it’s something that I love the idea of but somehow couldn’t justify buying for myself, so I’m so happy to have been given this gift, and I’m already so impatient to receive my next box!

If you fancy checking out Mr B’s for yourself, you can find their website here

Do you get any subscription boxes? What do you think about this one? Do you think The Blinds sounds good? As always I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed!

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Until the next time…Jess x

9 thoughts on “Mr B’s Reading Subscription Box (April)

  1. This sounds like a great idea, and a very thoughtful gift from your family. I might look into it myself and see what they send me. Your choice for this month does indeed seem like something you would like, I hope you are enjoying it.

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