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My March in a nutshell (2021)

Welcome to my wrap up for March. This one will look a little different because I’m not doing my usual highs, lows, and standout moments – you’ll see why soon enough. I’m sitting here wondering what is more bonkers – the fact that we are 1/4 of the way through 2021, or that March marks a year since lockdown began! I’m super excited for this upcoming month because I will be able to travel to see my parents for the first time in 6 months, so with that in mind I’m happy to be saying goodbye to March.

March was not a great month overall, at least the first two weeks weren’t, and because of that it didn’t feel right to do my usual highs and lows categories. Right at the start of the month my daughter was super poorly. To cut a long story short, one trip in an ambulance and multiple back and forth trips to the doctors and we finally found out that she had tonsillitis. Once she had the correct medication it only took a couple of days before she started to recover, but the week or so before that was pretty rough to say the least. Thankfully she is back to her usual sassy self now. The only other issue we’ve had through this month is with her sleeping. I think it is most likely her teeth that are the culprit, but there’s been a lot of waking in the night which is so unusual for her, it’s made me realise how lucky we have been up to this point – sleepless nights are not fun! As I sit here writing this the last couple of nights have been much better, so fingers crossed that I haven’t just jinxed us and instead she is coming out the other side of this as well.

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I had a lovely Mother’s Day, my daughter scribbling inside my card was too adorable to put into words! It was great to have a video call with my family as well, my mum opened her presents from me during the call which was nice. I’ve said it before but being able to video call has been such a lifeline during lockdown, particularly on special occasions like this.

As far as other highlights go for March I’m struggling to think to be honest. We did tidy up/reorganise the back garden, and we picked up a new pool so we are set for the summer, I don’t know about you but I am so impatient for the warmer weather. Perhaps it’s lockdown that has caused it, but I’m really craving being outdoors! Oh, also, my daughter is now saying I love you which is a massive highlight, I can’t believe I almost forgot to include that!

My youngest nephew turned two right at the end of the month which felt a little bittersweet because we couldn’t celebrate with him. I did have his gift delivered though, so that made up for it a little to know he had something to open and enjoy. Him turning two is a stark reminder that my daughter will be two soon as well, they are exactly two months apart in age. Scary how quickly they grow up! I know everybody says it, but you don’t realise how true it is until you have your own.

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I’ve tried to stay committed with my healthy eating and exercise and overall I’ve been successful which is great. I’m definitely feeling better for it, and it’ll be nice to be in better shape for when I return to work. It’ll make the 8 hour shifts on my feet a lot easier to get through! My main focus has been to increase my water intake – I’m rubbish at drinking water unless it’s boiled and mixed with coffee, but what a difference it makes on the days that I’m on top of it. Such a simple thing but so valuable!

Hay fever crept back in right at the end of the month as well which is annoying to say the least! It is the only downside of this time of the year, but I’m dosing up on tablets and trying to ignore my itchy nose and streaming eyes. Besides, it is worth it to see the sun shining a bit more.

One of my biggest frustrations for March was my phone. I dropped it (which is not unusual for me unfortunately) but this time my luck had run out and the screen completely smashed. I don’t even want to acknowledge how expensive it was to get it fixed, however the service to get it repaired was fantastic, and it has warranty on it now at least. I was only without it for a week, and I did have an old phone that I could use whilst I waited, but it definitely reminded me how reliant I am on my phone. My main concern was whether I would lose my photos, but thankfully everything was intact and the phone is as good as new now.

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Now, for some of my more random March moments. In my last wrap up I was complaining that we couldn’t watch the final season of Modern Family, well we realised that it is on Now TV so we’ve been watching it on there. It’s so good, and I’m so sad that it’ll be over soon – it’ll be like finishing up Schitt’s Creek all over again. I’ll definitely rewatch it though, but I wish they kept making more. Besides Modern Family we’ve been watching quite a few films, comedies in particular. We rewatched The Hangover films, and I must admit that whilst the second and third were alright, they pale in comparison to the first one!

March was a pretty decent month for reading overall which is good. I have so many reviews to write up and post! I’m trying to decide whether to increase my posting to twice a week again to get them up or to combine more than one review into each post. I like to give a book its own review post if I can, so I’m struggling to decide what is best, and what I have the time for. I’m in awe of other bloggers and how they publish multiple posts week in week out, I wish I was that organised!

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How was your month? Any highs, lows, or standout moments that you would like to share?

Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed!

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Until the next time…Jess x

6 thoughts on “My March in a nutshell (2021)

  1. I’m glad to hear your daughter is feeling better now, Jess. That must have been very worrying for you. It’s adorable that she is now saying ‘I love you’, I always enjoy hearing your updates every month 😊 Just like you I’m eagerly anticipating the warmer weather (it was here briefly over the Easter weekend). Enjoy seeing your parents in person this month and I hope April goes wonderfully for you 😊

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    1. It was really scary, she had a seizure caused by a high temperature brought on by tonsillitis the poor thing. Fighting fit again now though 😊 Thank you, I enjoy reading your updates too 😊 haha yes we had a brief burst over Easter too but sadly it hasn’t lasted. I’m so excited, it’ll be so nice to be back in Bristol for a bit. I hope you have been having a lovely April so far!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Baby ill must be so frightening, glad she’s better now.
    As for hay fever… Sun shining, I can wear big sunglasses, hide my streaming eyes – and wait for the ‘real’ hay-fever season… Weirdly, I’m not allergic to grass pollen – but trees go on for so long… .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was the scariest thing, but yes back fighting fit now which is what matters. Streaming eyes – that sounds so familiar, I’m wandering around looking like I’m crying! Yes tree pollen is the worst! Hope you don’t suffer too much!


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