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The Blogger Recognition Award

Towards the end of last year Rachel @ Musings of the Mind was kind enough to nominate me for The Blogger Recognition Award, if you haven’t checked out her blog before then I really recommend it, there’s a lot of wonderful writing over there!

The Rules
  • Thank the blogger that nominated you and give a link to their site
  • Do a post to show your award
  • Give a summary of how your blog started
  • Give two pieces of advice for any new bloggers
  • Select at least 15 other bloggers for this award
  • Let each nominee know you’ve nominated them and give a link to your post
Give a summary of how your blog started

Blogging was always something that I wanted to do, but told myself that I wouldn’t be able to achieve. I flip flopped between convincing myself that I didn’t have the technical know how, to deciding that I wouldn’t have the time. Once I realised that the truth was that I was lacking confidence, I finally plucked up the courage to give it a go. Initially my blog was a little bit of everything with regards my subject matter, but as time has gone on (and in 2020 particularly) my love of books has definitely taken over. Going forward I see this blog being predominately book related content – reviews and discussion posts mainly. I’m sure the odd random post will still pop up from time to time though!

Two pieces of advice for any new bloggers

Firstly I would say stick at it. I didn’t receive any engagement really in the early days, but the more I posted, the more things picked up, so if you’re at that early stage don’t worry, it’ll happen. Hopping over to other blogs and liking and commenting will definitely help, but be sincere, nobody likes spam!

Secondly, it’s ok to take a break if you need to. I’ve had times during my blogging journey where I should’ve taken a small break to preserve my sanity and avoid feeling as though all the fun had been zapped out of writing posts, but because I didn’t stop for a minute everything got way more stressful than it needed to be. Going forward I’ll definitely consider a hiatus if I need one, the blogging community is so supportive that it’s always accepted and understood.

My nominees are:

If you are reading this and fancy taking part then please consider yourself tagged (just link back to this post if you do your own please)!

For this tag I’m going to nominate some blogs that I have come across more recently and been really enjoying, and they are:

Mind. Beauty. Simplicity

Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog

A Bolt out of the Book

Just Reading Jess

Freedom and Flour

There’s no obligation to take part of course, but I look forward to reading your answers if you do!

Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed!

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Until the next time…Jess x

22 thoughts on “The Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Some good pieces of advice here, thanks. I meant to start a blog last year, but stress took over, plus outdated Braille technology, so it went on the backburner. it is still something I would like to do though, and I would agree that the most important thing for anyone wishing to start is a belief that their opinions matter and are as valid/important as anyone elses. Thank you for sharing your own experiences, they are very encouraging.

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    1. Thanks Alyson, so kind of you to say 😊 I hope you get there with beginning your own blog, from reading your comments here, and on other blogs that I also follow I find your thoughts and opinions so interesting that I would love to read blog posts from you 😊


  2. Great answers, Jess! I’m really glad you found the confidence to start a blog, and your advice is absolutely spot on. There were times in my first few months of blog when I thought about giving up. It’s a big step to start a blog, but a very rewarding one ☺

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