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My November in a nutshell (2020)

So, December is now underway?! I must admit I’m more than a little happy about this, I can’t wait to see the back of this year! I’m trying to get into the festive spirit (which is a lot easier to do with a little one in the house) and really end this year on a high, so fingers crossed. As you read this we will either still be struggling with the tree or standing back looking at it wondering how we will manage to keep a toddler away from it, particularly one as stubborn and headstrong as mine is! If you have any tips please let me know, I’m thinking the key is minimal decorations, it’ll hopefully reduce the temptation, although I’m probably kidding myself thinking that.

But how about November?

Well, overall, as with many months this year it was a bit of a mixed bag. Let’s start with the good points…

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Finally I can put work into the high category, I think it’s the first time this year that it has actually made it here. The hotel wasn’t what you would call busy but it was certainly busier and the morale and atmosphere was much improved. We’ve had rugby teams staying with us because of The Autumn Nations Cup and this provided a much needed reminder of how things used to be (and hopefully will be again). Just seeing customers and staff back in the hotel made such a difference, it was nice to see an increase in my hours as well. As a result of this I had to work my first ‘back to back’ (late shift followed by a morning shift) since returning from Maternity Leave, and whilst the lack of sleep didn’t bother me, I’m actually pretty good at functioning off of next to no sleep, I did find it difficult to have that prolonged time away from my daughter. However, when I walked in at lunchtime she squealed and was beaming and that was so lovely for me. Unfortunately the new regulations for December mean that work is probably going to take a downward turn again but we’ll see, if this year has taught me anything it is definitely to go with the flow, and so I’m trying to remain positive.

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The end of the firebreak lockdown here in Wales was a welcome relief, I had the opportunity to reconnect with some friends, and I got to sample a couple of the Costa Christmas coffees…the cinnamon cappuccino is delicious but the chocolate orange hot chocolate is a little too sweet I think. It was nice to be able to see people, and just get out and about again.

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I love Bonfire Night, give me all the fireworks and sparklers! I was super excited for it this year, and whilst it was fun, unfortunately my daughter found the whole thing terrifying. The poor thing was cuddled in saying “No, no no” over and over so we had to admit defeat and come inside after only one firework. We did have sparklers though, and we did watch the fireworks that were being lit nearby…from the safety of the living room of course, it was the only way to avoid more tears.

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Just as we came out of our lockdown England began theirs, and this meant I couldn’t travel and see my family. It’s so frustrating to be only just over an hour away and yet it has been ages since I’ve been able to spend any time with them! I was hopeful that this would change, but Bristol has now been placed in Tier 3, so with the tightest restrictions it does mean that unfortunately it is looking as though the first opportunity to see everyone will be Christmas, which I know isn’t far away now but I’m gutted to have to wait.

I usually put a standout moment in at this point but I actually don’t have one for November. That’s not to say that it wasn’t a good month because overall it was, there just isn’t one particular highlight.

I’m slowly but surely catching up on all the books I want to read before the end of this year, I’m making progress but that has meant that I have been a little quieter on the blog. Hopefully you’ll forgive that once I get the reviews written and posted!

I had considered increasing my posting again to twice a week, but at the moment it just isn’t feasible. Life seems busier than ever, and I feel as though by sticking to just one post a week I can enjoy blogging, but also post something that I’m pleased with, rather than something that has been rushed and put up ‘just because’. I’m definitely going to try and get back to some kind of schedule, and by that I mean choosing a specific day and time to post, just so it’s consistent. I’m not really sure when is best, I don’t see a pattern with the blogs that I follow, as in it doesn’t seem as though there is a day or time that is any more popular than the next. It’s something to think about as December continues. If I can make these decisions now then I can implement it all in January and it will seem like a nice fresh start as the new year begins.

Finally, in case you missed any of my November posts:

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How was your month? Any highs, lows, or standout moments that you would like to share?

Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed!

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Until the next time…Jess x

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17 thoughts on “My November in a nutshell (2020)

  1. Back online, after a long interruption..(not covid)
    In hindsight, tiers seem almost bearable …
    Magically, totally unexpected white Christmas.
    When the first flakes began to fall, on Chistmas day, we thought it might be wood ash from a bonfire..
    Next day, legally then, we met family, Only outside, but wonderful…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m glad you could work more in November, Jess! Let’s hope the latest restrictions don’t have too much of a negative impact for you 🀞 It’s also nice to hear that you (if not your daughter!) enjoyed Bonfire Night.
    Although cases have gone up, I was surprised when I heard Bristol was placed in Tier 3. Hopefully not for long.
    Great wrap-up as always, hope this month is a good one for you 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi πŸ˜€ Tips for Xmas trees + toddlers – have no breakable ornaments, nothing with glitter that comes off, emphasise that it’s to be looked at but not touched. That’s all really. Glad your month was not too bad. I know lots of people adore Xmas coffees, I’m not one of those however. I don’t even drink coffee so I’m not interested in anything flavoured.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fab thanks, really useful tips! I had written the post a few days in advance, and we didn’t actually get round to putting up the tree as I had expected, so when we do I will definitely refer back to this! I would say give the hot chocolate options a go, but only if you have a sweet tooth, Costa particularly have very sickly sweet hot chocolate without the syrups on top! All the best for the month ahead 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh and another tip, make sure the ends of tinsel/other wraparound decorations are tucked out of sight πŸ˜‰ Unfortunately I really dislike hot chocolate, it makes me feel sick! I admire people who can cope with the sweetness of it πŸ˜€ Thanks, hope you have a great December.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m glad your work got back to some kind of normality last month, it really makes a difference, especially if you are anything like me and need to feel productive. Having some work over November/December has probably been the highlight for me also. My job is fairly precarious at the best of times, but this year has been hopeless as the theatres in Scotland have all been closed since March. I’ve been given some online work to do though which should keep me going till Christmas, and it has made me feel a whole lot better. I hope your little one enjoys all the excitement involved in Christmas preparations.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I am much the same, I struggle without something productive to keep me occupied so work is a blessing from that aspect. That’s great that you have work to tide you over also, it’s a relief and certainly takes the edge off so that the festive period can be positive 😊 thank you, she’s certainly enjoying her advent calendar, shame I can’t get her to understand that it’s only one day at a time πŸ˜‚ hope December is going well for you so far 😊


  5. Well, November didn’t have big highlights, but there were some.

    1. Peppermint Mocha is back at Starbucks
    2. Read- Little Women, Some Hans Christian Anderson, and A Christmas Treasury
    3. Thanksgiving, of course

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  6. My November ? Agree with your daughter – the bangs are just too loud, like WWI at the IWM. … Maybe we need bonfire night headsets ? Play Handel’s Fireworks music. ?
    Trying my hardest, I’m struggling to think of any highs. Cancelled holiday – Scotland, which is an hour away, and friends, then in a 2, couldn’t stay at our house. Plan B isn’t working either – same friends had hoped for a week this month instead, and we’d camp at the office – but they’re now a Tier 3 and can’t go anywhere. Out walking though, during our not-holiday, in the regular downpours, rainbows had their usual effect – Wordsworth, my heart leaps up… Black skies, brilliant colours, and no lesson on refraction can destroy that beauty. Love December, usually, and yesterday, it was snowing, Not for long, but fingers crossed….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bonfire Night does seem to be a love it or hate it night that’s for sure, great idea on the headsets, that might be the key! I’m sorry to hear it wasn’t the best month for you, these new tier systems have really squandered plans for a lot of people πŸ˜’ oh yes fingers crossed for snow, I would love to have some but unfortunately Swansea never seems to get any. Wishing you a lovely December 😊


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