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A little break

I just wanted to put a post up to acknowledge my absence. I returned to work from furlough a couple of weeks ago and it has been hectic! That coupled with adjusting to working and taking care of my daughter (I didn’t really return from Maternity Leave because I only did two shifts before furlough began) left me pretty tired out and not at all inspired to write. The break wasn’t planned and annoyingly it has spread to my reading (I haven’t picked up a book in nearly three weeks which is such a long time for me), social media, getting ahead with writing posts, answering emails, blog hopping, responding to comments…everything really.

Anyway, I’m coming back out the other side now, everything is starting to feel a little more normal and I’ve started to draft up some posts again so everything should be returning to normal over the next week or so. I hope you are all keeping well and thanks for sticking with me!

If any of you are struggling with the readjustment to work after furlough, or work after Maternity Leave, or even just working in this current climate with all the new rules and regulations etc then you aren’t alone! And if you have any tips or advice please share in the comments because I’m sure it would help more than a few of us out.

Thanks for reading!

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Until the next time…Jess x

17 thoughts on “A little break

    1. It has been very busy yes, I think also that I didn’t factor in or appreciate that it’d be tiring readjusting. I wish I’d been more prepared so that other things didn’t slip but lesson learned! I wish I’d been able to keep going with the reading, it’s so unlike me. I hope things aren’t too busy for you and that everything is at least going well. Good luck with it all 😊

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      1. Yes that’s so true, we can only do what we can! I was reluctant to post when I didn’t feel up to it because I didn’t want to risk the content being sub standard. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had some setbacks, are things getting back on track for you now? Oh no! Flu is so horrible, really knocks you sideways doesn’t it. Wishing you a speedy recovery xx


      2. Thank you Jess and I’m starting to feel a bit better today. Flu really knocks you out and it never ceases to amaze me when I think of all those nurses calling in sick “with flu”, then come in the next day? One day flu? Really, lol.

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  1. You’re definitely not alone Jess and shouldn’t feel bad about taking some time out when things get manic! So much is changing all the time at work that I’m finding myself much more drained than usual at the end of the day – I think it’s because I have to constantly think about what I’m doing rather than getting into a routine and auto-piloting some tasks. Be kind to yourself! ❀️ X x x

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    1. Awww thanks Florence, such lovely words, really made me smile and feel better about it all 😊 I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling drained, I agree that auto pilot has gone out the window, it’s a struggle isn’t it when you can remember the days where you didn’t have to think about it all quite so much. I hope things settle for you soon if they haven’t already 😊 xxx

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