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My June in a nutshell (2020)

Halfway through the year already?! It doesn’t seem right to be writing an ‘in a nutshell’ post with June in it. With us still being in a pretty strict lockdown here in Wales it continues to be a far from normal day-to-day life, but with that being said I do still have some highs, lows and standout moments to share with you all, I hope you enjoy!

Happy reading!

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After a rubbish reading month in May I did say that June couldn’t be much worse, fortunately it turned to out be a whole lot better. I actually read loads, and I enjoyed the bulk of what I read also. Fingers crossed this means my reading slump is over/at least coming to an end. I even started reading Les Misérables in June, I’ve barely made any headway on this huge book, but I have started it which is great because its size has intimidated me for so long! I’ve decided to read it alongside other books, just a few chapters here and there, and then I won’t feel too overwhelmed (hopefully).

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June saw permission for two households to meet outdoors (within a five mile radius) for us here in Wales which meant that myself and a friend of mine could meet up with our children. Her son was born just over two months after my daughter and we used to get together with them at least once a week every week before lockdown began so it was so lovely to be able to go for a walk and have a proper catch up! I was gutted that I couldn’t give him a cuddle but to be able to see them was certainly better than nothing! It does make me long even more for the day when I can meet up with all my friends and family, I’m fortunate in so many ways but I have still felt so cut off during this time, and for me a video call just isn’t the same. In fact, I find they often make me miss people even more!

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My nephew turned 8 in June and I was so upset to miss his birthday! This was one of the hardest family birthday’s to miss out on because of his age; he’s old enough to know he’s missing out but too young to fully understand why, or even if he does fully understand why he’s not old enough to be able to bounce back from it as easily as an adult would. I made sure to get some gifts delivered so he had something to open, but it obviously wasn’t the same. So whilst it was lovely to see videos of him opening his presents it was tough to not be there to celebrate.

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My daughter had her 12 month jabs in June. I took her in, and I must admit I was so nervous! I thought she’d be really upset with these ones because she’s old enough now to be more aware. I wasn’t wrong, she did have a big cry when they did them. I can’t blame her though, two needles in her right leg and one each in her left leg and left arm is not at all pleasant! She was brave though, she didn’t cry for too long and she luckily didn’t have any side effects afterwards which was a relief. I have to say that the nurses were fab as well, they did such a good job of distracting her afterwards so her tears stopped that little bit sooner. The health visitor didn’t weigh her at this appointment due to social distancing requirements which I completely understand, however, I am really curious to know accurately how much she weighs now. I did use our bathroom scales but I’m not entirely confident in them.

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Sleep…or lack of. Now you would probably think this would be something to do with my baby but I can’t fault her, she sleeps through the night no problem (touch wood). Nope, the problem is mine. I have no trouble getting off to sleep but I have found myself waking up in the middle of the night more often than not and feeling wide awake. It has then taken me ages to get back to sleep again which is frustrating and resulting in me feeling tired the following day. I’m not sure what is causing it but it’s so unusual for me, I am normally one of those people that can fall asleep anywhere and a herd of elephants stomping past wouldn’t wake me. I’m hoping this is just a temporary blip. I’ve had vivid dreams and a couple of nightmares also, both of which is not unusual for me but I do wonder if this time it’s related to the other sleep issues.

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Father’s day. A high because my boyfriend could spend the day with our daughter and his son which was so lovely and a standout moment because it felt like his first one with our daughter. It wasn’t technically the first one but she was only a few weeks old in 2019 so totally unaware! He got far more interaction out of her for this one, even if she did try to eat his card! It still earns its place in the low category however because I couldn’t go and see my own dad which I would obviously have loved to do. I sent a card, and made sure to take my time writing a long message inside but it was yet another occasion that ordinarily would have been celebrated in person at some point that will now have to wait.

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Right at the end of June our daughter managed to balance unaided for the first time and she took one tiny step. It only happened once but it was still a massive highlight! She’s been cruising along the sofa, and the playpen, and pulling herself up to standing on anything or anyone that she can for a little while now. She also has an activity cube that she has been using to walk around the room, but to see her balance and then step without holding on to anyone or anything was such an achievement and I’m so pleased that both me and her father were there to see it. We are expecting to see her actually walk within a month so let’s see what July’s nutshell post will say regarding this. She cruises the furniture at such speed that I wonder if she will walk or whether she will just go straight to running!

And that’s my June in a nutshell. As with previous months it wasn’t necessarily the June I had anticipated having but overall it was a pretty good month. I always like it when the highs outweigh the lows as they did here.

How was your month? Any highs, lows, or standout moments that you would like to share? 

Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed!

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Until the next time…Jess x

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14 thoughts on “My June in a nutshell (2020)

  1. Just walking – and allowed to buy shoes too.. That’s great.. Friends with slightly older babies have been waiting so long.. One little boy even borrowed Paddington’s wellies…
    The sleepless night and weird dreams of covid 19… Has someone already written the book ? Last week, one of mine was just ludicrous – that bottles of Buxton brand water had been filled with real Buxton water – nearly as foul as Bath water,.
    Upside of not sleeping ? Aussie cousins., all through the night.. ..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, a friend of mine took her boy to have his feet measured for the first time, I’m looking forward to doing it with my daughter soon. Ludicrous is a great way of describing it, I’ve had a few dreams like that too! I usually enjoy remembering dreams but that’s when I wake feeling rested which just isn’t the case at the moment 😕 ah that’s fab that you can at least use the time to catch up with family, great to find a positive in an otherwise rubbish situation.


    1. It was super exciting, she just needs to work on her confidence a little more and she’ll be away 😁 ah thank you, sleep deprivation is so frustrating! The past couple of nights have been a little better so hopefully I’m coming out the other side 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah it’s wonderful that your daughter managed to stand and take a step! I’m glad you had a much better reading month in June, Jess. I agree, video calls are not the same and I have missed my work colleagues in particular for several months. Have a great July!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I can’t wait to see her take more steps! Hopefully it won’t be much longer 😊 Thanks, reading slumps are horrible aren’t they so I’m glad mine appears to be over now. It really isn’t the same is it, it’s odd being away from work colleagues isn’t it, they are the people we tend to spend the most time with so it’s a noticeable absence. Thanks, I hope you had a great June and that you have a great July also 😁

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I wonder if your sleep issues are related to stress? I’ve been having a similar problem myself over the last couple of weeks, including the disturbing dreams, but I was especially anxious about something last week, and it seems to have fed into my sleeping pattern even now when the problem has been austensively resolved. I hope things improve for you soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It could be stress related yes, I don’t feel overly stressed but there are underlying concerns around my job at the moment and potential redundancies so it’s possible that I’m more stressed out than I’m acknowledging. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been struggling as well, it’s really not pleasant so I feel for you! Thank you, I hope things continue to improve for you also, and with any luck we will be sleeping soundly again before too long. I’m definitely going to look into some stress relieving exercises that I can try before bed to hopefully help me sleep better 😊


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