A book review: The Bridge of Little Jeremy

The Bridge of Little Jeremy by Indrajit Garai

TITLE: The Bridge of Little Jeremy

AUTHOR: Indrajit Garai


I received an electronic copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. My thanks goes to the author for the opportunity to review this book.


Jeremy lives in a Paris apartment with his mother and their dog. This apartment brings the threat of prison for Jeremy’s mother because there is an outstanding inheritance tax bill that she cannot afford to settle. This is until Jeremy makes a discovery that has the potential to solve their financial difficulties. Will he be successful, or will the barriers that stand in his way overcome him?

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The Bridge of Little Jeremy is in a word: delightful. I wasn’t sure whether to accept the copy for review when I was approached because I wasn’t convinced that I would enjoy it. Now that I have read it I am so glad that I did.

This book tells the story of Jeremy, a 12 year old boy living in Paris with his mother and their dog Leon. The basis of the story is that there is a hefty inheritance tax bill that must be paid, but which Jeremy’s mother (despite working all the hours she can) cannot afford to settle. Jeremy sets about to help at the least ease the financial strain but hopefully remove it entirely. One day he makes a discovery that could be the answer, but there are obstacles which he must first overcome in order to succeed.

The plot is engaging and the story flows well. Whilst there are elements that could be described as a little far-fetched, for me it didn’t inhibit my enjoyment of the book. The characters are thoughtfully designed so that they elicit an emotional response, whether good or bad.

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The author paints a beautiful and in depth portrait of Paris, a destination that was already on my travel bucket list, but which I am even more eager to visit now. This was perhaps my favourite element of the book, with strong competition from the presentation of Jeremy’s alliance with his dog Leon. Their relationship is hands down my favourite within the book, and a wonderful reminder of the love and companionship that an animal can provide. Their love and bond is unconditional and it’s beautiful to see it progress.

The book tackles some very timely issues including the perils of social media, neglect and grief in a way that reminds the reader of how close danger and pain can be. It’s a stark warning of how things can escalate and the importance of exercising caution. It looks at the fragility of life, the stress and strain of financial difficulty, and the hope that can be found in the love of others whether this be family, friends, or pets.

It is through art and painting that Jeremy plans/hopes to help his mother, and so art is a important element within the story. My knowledge with regards art is very limited, and yet, the intricate descriptions ensured that I could really envision the author’s intentions. I’m sure somebody with a higher interest than me would gain even more and I’m sure that this alone could be enough to render The Bridge of Little Jeremy an enjoyable read.

My only criticism, and it is minor, is that there were points where the pace faltered slightly and I found myself thinking that a few pages could have been removed to keep the action progressing at a more suitable speed. But, as I said this is only a minor criticism and was not enough to leave me bored.

A lovely book, this is one that I would definitely recommend. Offering suspense, a wonderful meander through the streets of Paris, thought provoking events, and an ending that will stick with you, this is one that I really enjoyed reading. It will fill your heart and break it also.

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Have you read The Bridge of Little Jeremy? What did you think about it? If you haven’t read it do you think that you will? As always I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed!

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Until the next time…Jess x


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