A book review: His & Hers (ARC)

His and Hers eBook: Alice Feeney: Kindle Store

TITLE: His and Hers

AUTHOR: Alice Feeney

PUBLISHED: 28th May 2020

I received an eARC copy of this title from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. My thanks goes to NetGalley and the publisher HQ for the opportunity to review this book.


Jack and Anna are divorced; the result of a personal tragedy that tore them apart. Following their separation Jack moved back to the small village in which they had both grown up. Anna remained in London, partly because of her job as a newsreader, and partly because her childhood home holds memories too painful for her to revisit. But soon she must go home, because a woman has just been murdered there, and she is assigned to cover the case. Jack (a DCI) is also assigned to this case, meaning he and Anna will soon see each other again. Complications deepen when Jack becomes a suspect in his own investigation. Whilst the details are unclear, it is obvious that somebody is lying. Who is it, and why are they so desperate to keep their secrets buried?

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Despite already having more than enough thrillers on my TBR I couldn’t resist requesting this one. On the surface it had all the elements that make me love the genre so much: murder, a criminal investigation, broken and lost lead characters and plenty of twists and turns. Before reading this I was confident that I would enjoy it and I wasn’t wrong. It was almost a perfect read, not quite, but very close. But before I share what knocked the overall rating down, let me start by telling you what I liked about His and Hers.

The pace was great, with a steady unfolding of events the story didn’t feel rushed or as though it was dragging at any point. I struggle with books where the pacing is off but this one was just right for me. I found it gripped me immediately and had just the right amount of mystery, suspense and tension to keep me invested but avoiding feeling bored.

The switching narratives (primarily Anna and Jack with the occasional input from the anonymous murderer) was a real hit for me. I enjoy multiple perspectives if they are (as it was here) executed well and not confusing.

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A thriller cannot be reviewed without talking about the twist, or twists if I’m being accurate because this book has two. They are both brilliant and I certainly did not see either one coming. I have read some reviews that found the twists to be a little too far-fetched but this wasn’t the case for me, I thought they were very clever and entertaining.

The last thing I wanted to touch upon is the characterisation, which overall I found to be fantastic. Anna and Jack in particular are well constructed. They are still reeling from the devastating personal tragedy that they experienced and this shapes their current state. They are broken individuals, flawed yes, guilty of (at the very least) questionable behaviour, and yet you can’t help but feel for them. This is so conflicting because one of them could be guilty of murder. The secondary characters are great also, they are given enough of a backstory to invest the reader but without overwhelming the storyline or taking time away from the main characters. However, there was one that I just couldn’t get to grips with and this is why my overall rating went down. This character (Priya) just didn’t resonate with me. If she was taken out of the story it wouldn’t have changed much for me personally. I found her to be uninteresting and a bit stale in comparison to the others which was disappointing. With her being such a big part of the story it was hard to avoid her and so this did affect my overall enjoyment unfortunately.

Having said that I would absolutely recommend this book! It has heartbreak, violence and catastrophic events that result in a deadly climax. With all the markings of a great thriller this one definitely delivers. If you are a fan of the genre then I really think you will love this one. It is worth noting that this book tackles some quite dark themes, so it is not for the faint-hearted. The author isn’t overly graphic in her descriptions but it’s still something to bear in mind.

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What are your thoughts? Do you think that you will read this one?

Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed!

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Until the next time…Jess x

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