A snapshot of spring (part two)

It has felt like a typical spring day here today, one minute the sun is shining, and the next it’s tipping it down with rain. Therefore, I thought it was the perfect day for part two of a snapshot of spring. If you missed part one then you can find it here if you would like to. Now for part two…I hope you enjoy!

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What do you think of my choices? Are there any of my photos that you think you would have snapped as well? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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I can’t wait to get out and about and find some new inspiration for some spring photos, hopefully that’s not too far away. For now, I can console myself with the fact that looking back on these and putting this post together has given me a smile. I hope it has done the same for you too.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Until the next time…Jess x


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