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I’ve never been the best at taking myself out of my comfort zone and trying new things. That’s not to say that I never do but mostly I like what I like and I tend to stick with it. That goes for what I do in my spare time: the type of books that I read, the genre of films that I watch, even the food that I eat.

Is that boring?

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Maybe to some people it is but I guess I’ve just never been the most adventurous. Actually, that’s not quite true, I will try things but if I find something that I love then I will stick with it, afraid that if I choose something new instead that I will hate it and wish I had just gone with what I knew I would love. I’m starting to question if that is the right decision lately though.

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Recently there have been a few occasions where I have stepped out of my comfort zone and found something new that I really liked, leading me to lament missing out on it up until that point. I hate the thought of missing out and that is pretty contradictory to sticking with what I know so I’m surprised it has taken me until now to think about this. I admit that these things have been far from groundbreaking, to give you an example I read a brilliant sci-fi/fantasy novel (A Touch of Death by Rebecca Crunden), which you can find the full review for here and as I explained there it was a book that I would have never expected to enjoy but I really did. I always said that I didn’t like sci-fi/fantasy but ashamedly that was without trying it. Instead I allowed the idea of something to form an opinion without properly looking into it. Deciding in advance that I won’t enjoy something and choosing not to give it a go is something that I think I have been guilty of far too often in the past and it’s something that I really want to change. I’m intrigued to see what else I like that I would have never thought to be the case.

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So, what is the point of this post? I want to continue to try new things at the risk of being disappointed because there is an equal chance that I will find something great. I feel as though if I put this here then I will hold myself more accountable. I’ll be starting with baby steps…I might pick an action film rather than a horror on Netflix, or I may go to an Indian restaurant rather than a steakhouse next time I’m out for food, and I’ll build it from there. There’s so much to explore that I don’t want to keep myself closed off from anything. Like I said I will start with baby steps, but I’m excited to see what new experiences I have this year by embracing things that I’m not sure if I will like or not.

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This doesn’t mean that I will stop doing the things that I love, it’s still good to have favourites after all, so yes that does mean that I’ll keep reading lots of thrillers and watching all the horror movies! What’s important is that I’m not going to be so quick to say ‘no that’s not for me’. I’m great at talking myself out of things, particularly activities because I lose confidence, so I’m determined to be a little more brave and adventurous. I’ll update on anything interesting!

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In the meantime let me ask you…are you an adventurous type that’s always on the lookout for a new experience or are you someone that sticks with what you know and love? I’d love to hear your thoughts and reasonings!

Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed!

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Until the next time…Jess x

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