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I’m turning thirty on Monday…sharp intake of breath? No, not really, I’m actually feeling fine about it. I’ll be honest, I’m not feeling super positive and motivated, I’m all for hearing people say that entering their thirties gave them a surge of energy and a renewed outlook on life, but I’d be lying if I said that was me. Don’t misconstrue that as me feeling negative though, because I’m not. The truth of it is that I just don’t really care to be honest. I’m not going to feel any different on the day, I haven’t felt any different in the lead up to it, so yes, it is what it is. I wrote a post called fast approaching 30 back in November where I discussed the prospect of turning thirty and I wondered then if the reason that I wasn’t bothered was because there was still a few months of my twenties left. Well, it’s a matter of days now and I’m still not bothered so time obviously wasn’t it. I can only conclude that it was as I suspected, where I am in life is a reflection on how I feel, and right now I feel pretty positive so being thirty is just…meh, for want of a better word.

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I do have a question though, am I a 90s or 00s kid? I always classed myself as a 90s kid because I was born in 1990 but I have recently discovered that this is up for debate. Some people believe you are a 90s kid if your childhood memories are from the 90s (so you would have had to have been born pre 1990), others think that if you are born anywhere from 1990-1999 then you are a 90s kid, (this was always the impression that I was under). If I take the first argument then that would make me a child of the 00s because that’s where my memories mainly originate from when I think of my childhood. What are your thoughts on this? I’m struggling to decide where I fit now.

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So, what am I most proud of from my twenties? That’s easy…having my daughter, I just got it in there giving birth to her when I was 29. My other main achievement would definitely be graduating with my degree in English Literature. I studied part time with The Open University and with taking a year out halfway through it meant I began studying when I was 20 and graduated when I was 27. So, I spent nearly all of my twenties working towards my degree. What a sense of accomplishment when I walked the stage in my gown at the end!

Any regrets? Nah, I’m not that kind of person. I’m an ‘everything happens for a reason’ type, and I believe I wouldn’t have the wonderful things that I have if any of the details changed, so I don’t do regrets.

What am I hoping for in the next decade? I have two main ambitions for my thirties. I want to finally finish writing a novel (I have two very different ideas that are beginning to take shape but a lot of work is needed!), and I want to buy a house. I was hoping to have ticked both off in my twenties but it wasn’t to be. As I said, I don’t do regrets but I really hope to get both completed in the next 10 years…here’s hoping it won’t take all 10 to do either of them!

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Inevitably turning older makes you look back and I have been thinking about all the popular things from my childhood that kids (maybe even teenagers!) of today would know nothing about. I put together a little list which made me chuckle so I thought I would share it here to give others a little walk down memory lane/smile. Here it is…

  •  VHS. Today it’s all about streaming, and a lot of kids would snigger at the use of a DVD let alone a VHS but I remember them well, how annoying when you put one in and it hadn’t been rewound from the previous time!
  • Dial up internet. The connection sound! I can hear it in my head now, I can also remember the painful length of time that it took to get the internet up and running only for my mum to need the phone…so frustrating!
  • Tapes. I remember being the proud owner of the B*Witched album on tape. I would listen to it on my Walkman over and over and over. And nowadays we don’t even use a CD anymore!
  • Beanie Babies. Ok, so they are still around today I know but the hype that surrounded them when I was a child was unprecedented! I know I had loads as a kid, no idea where they ended up though.
  • The Argos catalogue. Every household made the trip to pick up the latest Argos catalogue, and every kid (myself included) would pore over it for hours creating a wish list. I remember folding down pages that contained the items I wanted the most.
  • The Yellow Pages. Nowadays a lot of households don’t even have a home phone, and Google is the go-to to find a number for anything else.
  • Tamagotchi. Every kid had one, and every kid went to school fearful of whether it would be alive when they got home again.
  • Dream Phone. It was the game to have when I was a kid, I remember playing it with my sister over and over, and my friends too…every house had one.
  • Lava Lamps. The hours I wasted staring at mine…
  • Baby-G watch. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure if I ever had one but I do remember seeing them on so many wrists! They were everywhere! I know they are still available today but the popularity is nothing like it was.
  • TV. Arthur, Hey Arnold and Sabrina the Teenage Witch spring to mind but there were so many shows I loved watching when I was growing up…feel free to drop a few more in the comments!
  • Goosebumps. The books primarily but the show as well, I was obsessed!
  • Snap bracelets. Do you remember them? Is that what they were called? I don’t remember exactly but I do recall whacking one onto my wrist and watching in delight as it wrapped itself around.
  • Toys in the cereal box. It was pretty much guaranteed that you would come to blows with your sibling(s) in the hunt for it.
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Is there anything from your childhood that you think should have made my list?

What are your thoughts on getting older/celebrating a big birthday? I’d love to hear!

Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed!

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Until the next time…Jess x

8 thoughts on “30

  1. Happy early birthday!! 🎉🎉🎉
    I think I am a 90s kid because most of my childhood and teenage memories are from the 90s. I was born early 80s. But then there are times I consider myself an 80s kid too lol because I can remember tonnes of stuff from that decade too. 😂😂😂 And omg can I just freak out over the memories of getting the Argos catalogue. I remember my dad visiting the uk and bringing home the Argos catalogue (we didn’t have Argos here then) and pouring over every single page lmaoooo! Simpler times indeed :))))


    1. Thank you!! It’s hard to figure out isn’t it, particularly when you are born early into a decade because like you say you end up with memories that span more than one decade. Haha I remember going to get the Argos catalogue being somewhat of a day out in our house. Definitely simpler times! Thanks for commenting 😀

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  2. For the record, I think of myself as an 80s kid because those were my formative years. I was 9 to 19 during the 80s and I definitely owned that decade. I was born in late 1970, and honestly I have very few recollections of that decade at all. By the way, turning 30 was weirder for me than turning 40 actually! Not sure why though. Maybe because 30 was that first big “I’m getting older” milestone and once I got past that 40 was no biggie. However, I’m gonna be 50 this November and I’m definitely freaking out about that a little bit! Getting older beats not getting older though! Enjoy you birthday!!


    1. I’m starting to think I’m more of an 00s kid after reading these comments, like you say about the 80s I owned the 00s haha. It’s odd isn’t it, I always thought 30 would be the one that bothered me but I’m glad it’s not now that it’s here. You’re right though, getting older definitely beats not getting older, that’s what you need to keep in mind when your birthday comes around, here’s hoping that it’s just the thought of it and when it arrives you feel great. Thanks for commenting 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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