A book review: Follow Me, Like Me (ARC)


TITLE: Follow Me, Like Me

AUTHOR: Charlotte Seager

PUBLISHED: January 2020

I received an eARC copy of this title from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. My thanks goes to NetGalley and the publisher Pan Macmillan for the opportunity to review this book.


This is the story of two sixteen year old girls; Chloe and Amber. Chloe is confident, popular, and has a life many would envy. That is until she responds to a DM from a handsome stranger. This decision leads her down a path of danger and obsession, one that may destroy her life completely. Amber is neither confident or popular. She is a loner, thought of as weird by her peers. But there is obsession in her life also. Only in this case she is the obsessed, online stalking a personal trainer from her gym. She keeps this part of her life hidden rather well until she hears a devastating rumour about him and decides she must investigate and prove his innocence whatever the consequences may be for her.


I don’t read a huge amount of Young Adult literature but this one caught my attention. The very current issue of our online presence, and the façade that is so often adopted intrigued me. I was also curious to see how the online and real world would collide here, and that was enough for me to give this book a go.

I’m glad I read it, I did enjoy it. It was a fast paced, easy read, one which I finished in one evening. I think it was a good title to spark an interest in the world of Young Adult literature, I will definitely read some more titles from this genre in the future.

I was impressed by the subject matter, in a world where it seems everyone, but particularly teens are living their lives dictated by social media I think it’s so important to have literature that reminds of the dangers. Can you trust an online persona 100%? No, and this book highlights that. It shows how easily online activity can creep into real life and spiral out of control; a reminder of this is very timely and important these days.

It had a good twist, yes it was rather predictable but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the book. Perhaps it would be too obvious for other readers, but for me, I was fine with it. I enjoyed the progression of the story. The author ensures that the two main characters (Chloe and Amber) are really well fleshed out, and this helps to drive the story forward.

I do have one criticism and that is the ending. Not the ending overall, but Amber’s ending. I don’t want to give anything away but I was unsatisfied. I think it should have been handled differently, particularly in a book that can be such a helpful aid in the lesson of online safety.

It’s been described as a mystery and thriller, and I think that’s a fair assessment, although a little more mystery may be preferred by some. As I said, the twist and the overall progression is somewhat predictable and that might mean this book is not for you. In other words, it won’t test your investigative skills.

Would I recommend this book? Yes. I think the subject matter is one which is both current and in need of being highlighted. As I explained, I’m not a big Young Adult reader so I’m not qualified to say how impressive it is within its genre, but I enjoyed it. It’s gripping, and I found myself working through it quickly because I was invested in both Chloe and Amber and what was happening in their lives.


What are your thoughts? Do you think that you will read this one?

Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed!

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Until the next time…Jess x

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