My 2019 festive period

I couldn’t wait for the festive season this year and it certainly didn’t disappoint, I’m still on a high from it so I wanted to share it with you. Keep reading to find out what I got up to and why it was such a good one!

The build up

I was super organised this year and got all my Christmas shopping done in November. I was determined to do this because I wanted to be able to just enjoy December. Usually I’m working so it’s busy, somewhat stressful, and there’s little (if any) time to enjoy. Without work to worry about this year I wanted to have fun, and that’s what I did. I had lots of festive coffee dates, present exchanging with friends, a family party and quality time with all the people I hold dear. It was lovely! Having extra time meant I could savour the Christmas experience and relax, so there was lots of reading, lots of Christmas film watching, and lots of cosy nights in with the tree lights on.

Christmas Eve

For the first time since I was little I put out treats for Santa. Ok, I suppose it was under the guise of doing it for my daughter but I really enjoyed it for myself too. I’m more convinced than ever that I’m an overgrown kid! We had the tree lights switched on all day, we took some photos dressed in Christmas outfits, watched a Christmas film and then rounded off the day by putting our little one’s stocking out and our presents under the tree. It was so festive and couldn’t have been any better!

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lighted christmas tree
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Christmas Day

It was an early start…I couldn’t wait to get going (as I said I’m an overgrown kid it seems). We opened our presents and had a lazy morning enjoying breakfast at home. From there we went to my boyfriend’s parents house for Christmas dinner (totally delicious!) and more presents. We played games, chatted, had some drinks and forced (without much effort I admit) more delicious food down. In amongst this we picked up my boyfriend’s son, he was full of beans as you can imagine and he made a wonderful day even better for us all. After getting home, once the children were in bed, myself and my other half had the opportunity to enjoy some downtime together and reflect on the day. It really was the perfect Christmas!

Boxing Day

It was another early start, we drove to Bath to my grandmother’s house to enjoy Christmas with my side of the family. Much like Christmas Day it was full of too much food (when it’s as tasty as it was it is impossible to not overindulge)! There was lots of presents, laughter, and memories made. I love to spend time with my family, Christmas is just that little bit more special, and just like every year I had the most wonderful time. I wish the day hadn’t disappeared quite so quickly!

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A mini Christmas Day

With the jobs that we work, myself and my boyfriend have never (before this year) got to spend Christmas together. As a result, our little tradition was to do our own Christmas Day at home on whatever day our schedules allowed. We decided that we still wanted to do that this year so we did. A couple of days after the big day we cooked our own Christmas dinner (I say we, it was all him), pulled crackers, played games, watched a Christmas film and took advantage of it not being necessary for one of us to drive by having one too many drinks. The sore head the next day was worth it!

happy new year text
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New Years Eve

I’m not a fan of New Years Eve. I don’t hate it but I do find it all a bit anticlimactic. I’ve only been ‘out out’ on New Years Eve once and I found it all to be a little bit of a waste of time. It was packed with people which meant queuing to get inside, queuing to get a drink, queuing to get a taxi (you get the idea). Anyway, I love a good night out but just not on this night, it’s more hassle than it’s worth in my opinion. I usually work and I’m happy to do that. This year I was on mummy duty. I spent a lovely quiet night in with the little one, we played with her new toys and watched Sleeping Beauty, it was great. My other half was working but I waited up for him and we had our own little toast to the new year when he got home. It was a quiet one but it was just what I wanted.

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I always thought that I wasn’t missing out by working during the festive period. I thought the double pay made it worthwhile, but now that I have experienced a Christmas free from work I can see that I was wrong. Time with loved ones is so much more important! Whilst I still spent time with my family and friends over the festive period in previous years it was always dictated to by what I was working and being able to eliminate that this year and just enjoy myself was such a treat! I think not having this opportunity for so long made me that little bit more grateful than I already was.

Now, over to you. How was the festive period for you? I would love to hear!

Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed!

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Until the next time…Jess x

10 thoughts on “My 2019 festive period

  1. Fortunately, I had a good Christmas and New Year. I spent them both with family and friends. For the first time in years, I went over to my cousin’s house and from there we went to a nice bar/restaurant for New Year’s eve. We had fun, it was great seeing my cousin and our shared friends but, if I’m honest, I wish we’d stayed at home. I missed our normal home-made canapes and a constant flow of chilled pink champagne (Okay, Prosecco) while we watch the London Eye fireworks from our window. It’s truly amazing 🙂

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