Winter favourites

Yep, it’s another seasonal post from me…I am a little obsessed!

Have you read my Autumn favourites post? I really enjoyed listing all my favourite things, it left me really excited for the new season! I was going to do the same here until I thought about my now it’s Winter post that I wrote last year (where has the time gone?!) where I shared my favourite winter treats; things like cosy socks and cuddles, and as all those things still stand and I would be at risk of repeating myself I decided to make this post a little different.

So, for this one I’m going to share my favourite winter occasions and things to do. Keep reading to find out what I will be getting up to during the colder months.



Bonfire Night

Yes I know, it’s already happened, and yes it can technically be classed as an autumn occasion but I didn’t write about Bonfire Night at the time and I don’t know why because I love it! We went to a local event at the beach this year to watch the fireworks. This is a break from tradition, usually my other half sets off the fireworks, but we thought we would switch it up this year. It was a great night, my daughter managed to stay awake for the fireworks and she seemed to really enjoy them which made me so happy! I will say however that for some reason there was a massive delay during the display and this did put a bit of a dampener on it. My teenage stepson found it pretty boring having to wait around for things to get going, and I must admit us adults did too. Unfortunately it just didn’t seem to be as well organised as it could have been. It’s still one of my favourite nights of the year though…although we will probably go back to our tradition next year.


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Spooky books and films

I know a lot of people class the spooky season as over when Halloween is behind us but for me it lasts all winter. With the cold weather, frost, rain, and the fact it’s dark all the time, in my opinion it’s the time of year for all things scary and spooky! I usually keep a few books and films set aside for the winter months and I’ve done that again this year so I’m looking forward to indulging in them!


person holding a snowflake
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Winter Wonderland

I love exploring Winter Wonderland. What is it like where you live? I love watching people ice skate and go on the rides. I must admit that I’m purely a spectator with things like this because I’m a massive wimp but I’ll happily stand by with a cup of something warm and just enjoy soaking in the atmosphere.


game dice gamble
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Play board games

I’ll play a board game any time, I love them. But there is something about when it is cold and dark outside that makes a board game so much more satisfying and cosy! I very rarely win when playing against my other half, but that’s okay, I just enjoy the game and spending time together.


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Make mulled wine

The smell of it whilst I’m making it and the taste of it when I’m drinking it, it’s simply delicious! The perfect treat for this time of year, and extra satisfying when you’ve made it yourself.


red and white christmas balls hanging oon christmas tree
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Decorating the Christmas tree

I was always a bit of a take it or leave it kind of person when it came to a Christmas tree, but my other half has always loved having one and the past few years I’ve got more into it. We set aside an evening to put it together and even though the assembly is both time consuming and kind of tedious it’s worth it for the decorating part. We both choose a new decoration each year, a tradition that we have stuck to this year also. In addition we picked up a ‘my first christmas’ decoration for our daughter and I can’t wait to see it on the tree!


christmas board decors
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Christmas dinner, giving presents, family time, Christmas movies…it’s such a great time of year isn’t it! As I’m still on maternity leave I won’t be working this Christmas, it’s my first one off in 10 years so I’m more excited than usual! An extra stroke of luck is that my other half has also managed to get the day off work so we can actually celebrate together on the day. This may not seem to be much of a big deal to some but to us it is huge because it is the first Christmas where we will both be off work since we became a couple. This alongside it being our daughter’s first makes me determined to make it the best Christmas ever!


clothes on sale
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January sales

I’m a sucker for a bargain, and I usually get quite a few vouchers for Christmas so I love to pick up a few treats in the sales. I admit I’m more of an online shopper, the crowds stress me out too much! But, I love feeling like I have got more for my money so January is a great month for me to treat myself.


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My birthday

I’m a winter baby, my birthday is at the end of February and I always enjoy marking the day. Writing this reminds me that I need to get planning with what I am going to do to celebrate. I expect all the mum gifts for this one, and not too many emblazoned with 30!

So, there you have it, my favourite winter occasions and things to do. Any that you love/hate? As always, I welcome your thoughts and comments!

Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed!

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Until the next time…Jess x

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