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My November in a nutshell

Yes, we are now into the final month of the year, it’s bonkers isn’t it?!

As I have done every month, I’m going to share with you my highs, lows, and standout moments. I hope that you enjoy reading! As always I will link all my roundup posts for this year so far at the end if you haven’t already checked them out and would like to.

I would love to hear how your November was, so please leave a comment if you would like to!



Bonfire Night. I love it! I’m kind of obsessed with fireworks, I just think they look so pretty lighting up the sky. This year was particularly special because my little one got to watch them…yes she actually managed to stay awake the entire time!


Image result for the testaments

My other half surprised me with a random gift…just because. He gave me a copy of The Testaments by Margaret Atwood. I’ve wanted to read it ever since its release was announced but I hadn’t got around to buying it. I then read a lot of mixed reviews and I was in two minds about whether to read it or not, (yes, I’m so indecisive!) so I was made up when he gave it to me. I’ve only just started reading it so I don’t have a fully formed opinion just yet, but so far I’m really enjoying it! I’m sure I will post a full review when I have finished it.



I was determined to get all my Christmas shopping done in November so I could have a stress free December for once. Usually I’m so last minute and it becomes a real headache! I didn’t quite manage it, I ordered the final two gifts that I needed today, but to get the majority not only purchased but wrapped as well was a massive achievement for me because it’s unheard of! Now I can spend December getting in the festive mood without the panic of organising gifts.



I have two but as they both involve my daughter I thought I would group them together. The first is that she rolled over for the first time in November which was so cute to see, and it was particularly special because both me and my other half were there to see it. The second is that she is chatting away nonstop now. I realise it is too soon for her to actually talk but she is managing ‘dada’ and what sounds a lot like ‘hiya’ as well. I love seeing her develop, she changes so much from one month to the next!

And there it is, my November in a nutshell. How lucky that I had no low points! Or, if I did then I have forgotten them as I write this post so that means they can’t have been that bad. Now it’s time to embrace all the festive things…I’m thinking mulled wine, Christmas films etc.

How was your November? Are there any highs, lows, or standout moments that you would like to share? I would love to hear!

Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed!

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Until the next time…Jess x

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6 thoughts on “My November in a nutshell

    1. I love watching comedy live, I hope that you enjoyed! What did you watch at the cinema? I can’t even remember the last time I went haha. Ah reading is the best! I didn’t get through as many books as I would’ve have liked but I did enjoy the ones I did read. What was your favourite read of the month? ๐Ÿ™‚

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