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Cold calling, door to door, junk mail. Is there a need for it?

A couple of days ago I found myself retrieving two takeaway menus, four supermarket special offer flyers, and a leaflet offering new windows from where they had been stuffed into my letterbox. Just like I always do I wrestled them free, had a quick look to make sure no regular post was mixed up in them and then I threw them away. Usually I don’t think twice doing this, but on this particular occasion it got me really wound up. It led to me thinking about junk mail and whether there is any need for it, which then made me consider cold calling and door to door selling because, for me at least, they are all kind of the same thing. So, is there a need for it? Is it just one of my pet peeves that I shouldn’t give a second thought to? Or am I right for finding it as irritating as I do? Keep reading to hear my thoughts.

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I’m happy to report that I don’t have to suffer the annoyance of cold callers. We don’t have a house phone, preferring to use our mobiles, and I operate a policy where if the number is one that I don’t recognise, or if it is withheld then I don’t pick up the call. Instead I wait to see if a message is left before calling back. As cold callers don’t leave messages it’s pretty easy to spot them!

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Having said that I have recently received a couple of text messages offering help with my car accident claim…I have never been in a car accident, but you probably guessed that bit. I don’t know if this is a new approach or whether it’s just taken a while to get to me but I didn’t realise cold calling had branched out to texting as well! Also, don’t let me get started on the spam folder in my emails…I’d be ranting for hours!

I don’t know what it is that gets me so worked up. Maybe it’s that I feel insulted…obviously I’m not going to think that you are trying to do anything other than scam me, or make a commission off me etc. But the fact of the matter is that many people do fall foul to cold callers and scammers. Whether they end up losing out financially or it’s just the stress of the confrontation, the truth is that it happens, and it happens all too regularly. I just don’t think it’s fair.

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Let’s move on to door to door callers. Again, we are pretty lucky where we are, they are few and far between. However, for me, one is one too many. I don’t like to be disturbed at home, so even if the product or service is one which I would want then I will always decline out of principle, and make a mental note to source it from another person/company. I think for me home is the place where I unwind and relax, it’s not the place where I should be having a back and forth on my doorstep about whether my windows need cleaning or not. I mean, yes, they really do need a good clean but that’s not the point, the point is that I don’t want to talk about it when I’m trying to chill out, or do chores, or whatever.

Does it really work? Do these door to door callers actually get business? I suppose they must do, otherwise it wouldn’t continue, but surely it’s not their most lucrative revenue stream?!

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Lastly let’s discuss junk mail. Whether it’s multiple pamphlets for the same thing…I’m sure the postman in my area must be deliberately shoving five identical flyers through my letterbox, or a one off leaflet, it really doesn’t matter. For me, I don’t want them, I don’t read them, they go in the bin. If I need or want something then I will and can source it myself, I don’t need litter through the letterbox to do it.

Is it extreme that I call it litter? Maybe. But that’s what it is to me, it’s just rubbish clogging up the bin.

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It’s pretty obvious by now that I see no purpose for cold calling, door to door, or junk mail. But am I right? Or is there a need for it?

I will just say quickly that I do appreciate that for a lot of people this is their job and I don’t mean to cause offence, I’m just sharing my opinion on something that winds me up.

What are your thoughts on this subject? I would love to hear so please leave a comment.

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Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed!

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Until the next time…Jess x

4 thoughts on “Cold calling, door to door, junk mail. Is there a need for it?

    1. I wish I didn’t get much junk mail but it seems to be multiplying where I live, perhaps the postman has heard me whinging through the door and seen it as a challenge haha. Door to door under any circumstances is a real pain isn’t it, particularly when it disturbs the kids! Thanks for your comment, great to hear your thoughts!

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  1. I’m with you on the above. The leaflets, pamphlets, pizza menus and stupid postcards ask you to subscribe to some latest catalogue. What a waste of paper. Does anyone actually use them? AAArrrgghhh don’t get me started on cold callers on my mobile. I too ignore numbers I don’t know but then I have to listen to my answerphone to see if it’s an important message, perhaps a hospital appointment. It’s all done to drive me round the bend – I’m sure of it. Caz x

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    1. Yes exactly, does anyone actually use them?! Agreed with the mobile, I had a call the other day that I ignored but it turned out to be one I needed to answer and then the dreaded phone tag happened before we finally got to speak…nightmare. I can imagine it’s super stressful if it’s a hospital appointment so I’m not surprised it winds you up! So annoying isn’t it. Glad it’s not just me that gets irritated though, that makes me feel better about getting annoyed with it! Thanks for your comment. Jess x

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