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My favourite blog posts…so far

So, I sat down to write a post for today and I found myself in a bit of a writing slump. I have lots of drafted ideas, but nothing that I felt inspired to write up. I considered just leaving it for today but I didn’t want to miss a post, I’ve been posting every Wednesday and Sunday for ages now and I know I wouldn’t have been happy to skip one. So, rather than write something that I wasn’t happy with I thought instead that I would share a list of my favourite posts on here so far, because, let’s face it, I love a list! There might be one or two that you haven’t read that you fancy checking out. Keep reading to find out what I picked and why, (they’re in no particular order).


My favourite author and my favourite people

First up on the list is one of my first blog posts. In this one I asked my friends and family to share their favourite Roald Dahl books with me. Dahl is one of my favourite authors, I just love the magic in his stories, so I’m always up for talking about him and his literature. It’s extra special to talk about it with all the most important people in my life.

The book versus movie debate

The book versus movie debate: The Woman in Black

If you’ve been around here for a while then you will be aware that I did a series of ‘book versus movie’ posts. As the title states I would pick a title and compare the book and film versions, I spoke about the differences and which I thought was best overall. This is the most recent one that I posted and my favourite overall. Reminding myself of this makes me eager to continue the series, so if you have any suggestions please let me know! You can find the others linked at the base of the post if you missed any and would like to read them as well. I just find it fascinating to compare a book to its film equivalent, even if it is annoying when minor details are changed for what appears to be no reason!


Why I would love to be a novelist

Okay, so it’s another book related post, well, kind of. I promise there are some different ones coming up! But I had to include this one because it’s the post where I talk about why I would love to write a book. It’s my biggest ambition and because of that it’s one of my most special posts to date. I have been working on something but it’s very much a work in progress at this point, reminding myself of this post definitely gives me a renewed feeling of motivation to write more!


A little thank-you to a favourite thing

I’ve chosen this one partly because I love good manners, partly because I’m a coffee addict, and partly because it’s silly. I love to read blog posts that are tongue in cheek and fun and this is one of mine: a note from me to coffee, just because I love it and I’m grateful for it.


My May in a nutshell

Another series that I write is monthly life roundup posts. I thought it would be a lovely way to share what I get up to and also a great way for me to look back at my year. I love writing posts like this, I also love to read them because I’m unashamedly nosey! I have picked May as my favourite because it was the month that my daughter was born, best month ever!


Reading with my daughter

Sticking with the theme of motherhood, this post is really special to me as well. I love being a mum and I love reading so it was always going to be the case that I would enjoy books with my daughter. As time passes she is becoming increasingly aware and that makes reading with her extra special! This is one tradition that I will definitely keep up as she grows.

A book review

A book review: Lost Frequencies (ARC)

The first book that I received an ARC copy of, and it’s a review, which overall are probably my favourite posts to read and write. For those reasons this one had to make the list!

autumn leaf board colors dark
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Autumn favourites

I really enjoy writing about the seasons so it’s no surprise that one of my seasonal posts would make the list. I picked this one because I really love autumn, it’s such a beautiful season, and even though this autumn has brought one too many creepy crawlies inside my house already, I’m still happy that it’s this time of year again!


Discovering my mother’s favourite books

My final pick is a post that has only recently gone up, and it’s the one where I find out my mum’s top 5 books and share her thoughts on them and my thoughts also. Yes, I am sentimental, but that aside, it was really fun to write this one because the majority of her choices are books that I am yet to read, so I got to not only find out why she loved them but I gained yet more books to add to my must read list, I can’t wait to get started!

What do you think about my choices? Which one would you say is your favourite out of the ones that I picked? Do you ever think about your own favourite posts from your blog? I’d love you to leave some links in the comments so I can check out some of yours!

Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed!

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Until the next time…Jess x


3 thoughts on “My favourite blog posts…so far

  1. It is a bit early on for me to choose any favourites but what I see with your favourite choices and when I enjoy blogging the most is to make it personal. It does make for better writing and reading so I am trying to focus on that more.

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