A book review: Lost Frequencies (ARC)

I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC copy of Lost Frequencies to review.

As with all my book reviews I will begin with general information and a short synopsis before sharing my thoughts. I hope you enjoy!

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TITLE: Lost Frequencies

AUTHOR: Caitlyn Lynagh

PUBLISHED: November 19th 2019

PUBLISHER: Outlet Publishing


Step into the world of Iyeeka, a planet in existence millions of years before Earth and humans evolved. In this science fiction fantasy you will join a group of thirteen, connected by their dreams of the mysterious and recently discovered Ehi. As the story progresses and circumstances become increasingly desperate everything points to Ehi as the key to saving their planet. But even she does not understand the knowledge that she possesses, leaving them with no answers…yet. Will this group of thirteen be able to solve the mystery and save their planet before it is too late?

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my thoughts

I confess that my initial excitement at receiving an ARC to review quickly gave way to feelings of apprehension. Science fiction books are not my usual choice of literature. It turns out that I had nothing to be concerned about. Once I began reading the story I was completely absorbed. Short chapters left me convincing myself that ‘just one more’ wouldn’t hurt and I read the novel in only a couple of sittings.

The main character (Ehi) is one with which the reader can really relate. She perfectly embodies the role of heroine and I found myself as eager as her to discover the answers she so desperately searched for. Indeed, the characterisations as a whole leave the reader really invested in the journey that is being undertaken. We get to know them all along the way, even the side characters are afforded a backstory to render them important in the unfolding events.

There is a lot about this book to provoke thought and even though it is not set on Earth the very current concerns regarding climate change are mirrored in this other land, presenting a snapshot into what could be our future if we don’t take the necessary steps now. This is only one of many layers which make up the story as a whole.

I would describe Lost Frequencies as a quick and easy read but this is in no way a criticism. It’s a real page turner!

My favourite aspect of this novel is the author’s clever manipulation of vocabulary. By this I mean the terms she has created to describe wildlife, vehicles, technology etc. It was fun to compare her creations to their Earth equivalent. Iyeeka is a planet entirely different from ours and yet there are many parallels that make it possible to feel part of the world that Ehi and the others inhabit.

Whilst not a negative point for me I will say that the ending felt a little rushed. I liked the quickened pace because I found it increased the tension and urgency of their quest, but this may be an element that does not appeal to everyone. The ending was a surprise however, I thought I had guessed what the outcome would be but there was a big twist that I wasn’t expecting, I love books that surprise me at the close!

Lost Frequencies is part of a series but can be read as a stand-alone piece due to it being theme that connects the titles. I am yet to read the other books in the series but I will definitely be seeking them out. In my opinion this book will appeal to readers of all ages but is perhaps best defined as a young adult work of literature.

As I stated at the beginning science fiction is not my usual choice so I am not qualified to confidently say how far it will appeal to big fans of this genre. What I can say is that I enjoyed it so much that it has left me eager to check out more science fiction pieces, which must be testament to it’s construction. I can’t imagine that would be the case if it wasn’t a strong novel within its type.

Overall, if you are looking for a fun read, some escapism, and a book that will leave you thinking then this is one for you and I would recommend you give it a try. It turns out that the science fiction and fantasy genre has a new fan in me and I have this book to thank for that.

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What are your thoughts on my review? Does this sound like your kind of read? Also, if you have any other science fiction picks that you think I would enjoy then I would love to hear!

Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed!

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Until the next time…Jess x



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      1. I really like the Railhead trilogy by Philip Reeve – it’s YA, well-written and seems plausible! (my review for the third book Station Zero is up soon). You could also try a classic like 2001 by Arthur C Clarke or The Time Machine by H G Wells 🙂

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