Reading with my daughter

If you’re not new to this blog then you will already be aware of how much I love books and reading. You will also be aware that I gave birth to my first child in May this year. I would love for my daughter to grow up enjoying books as much as I do, and I think it’s never too soon to introduce children to literature. I spent my morning reading with her today and that was the inspiration behind this post.

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We were lucky enough to receive some books for her from friends and family when she was born, they are a mixture of nursery rhyme books, fairy tales, sensory books, and of course classic picks like: We’re going on a bear hunt. I’ve read them to her since she was born but it has only been lately that she has started to become aware of them. Of course she may just be enjoying the interaction with me, perhaps she just likes the sound of my voice, whatever the reason though I can see that she has fun when we read together. She smiles and makes noises and it’s lovely for me to see.


This is definitely something that I will continue as she grows older, I’m already picturing her bedroom with an overflowing bookcase to rival mine! I’ve always found books and reading rewarding, but I didn’t appreciate how wonderful it would be to introduce a little one to it!

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I know that my parents read with me from a very young age, and now that I’m an adult with my own family I’m even more grateful that they did! It’s exciting for me to be able to carry on this tradition with my daughter. There’s lots of inspiration that I take from my parents when it comes to parenting, but this one is definitely top of the list. Why? Well, because I get to indulge in one of my favourite things. Who knew that children’s books would be so enjoyable at my age. I find myself getting as excited to pick up a book for her as I do for myself!

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What traditions have you taken from your parents and carried on? Whether it’s children related or not I would love to hear! Also, if you have any recommendations of books worth reading to my daughter it would be lovely if you would share!

Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed!

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Until the next time…Jess x

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