6 things I wont miss about summer

If you read my autumn favourites post then you will know I said I was going to do a post all about what I will miss about summer, but then I remembered my best bits about summer post and didn’t want to sound too repetitive. So, in the interest of keeping my content fresh I thought I would do the opposite of that and clue you in on what I wont miss about summer instead, because lets face it, however much joy a season can bring there are always downsides. Keep reading to find out what I will be pleased to see the back of now that autumn is coming.

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  • Wasps and flies. To say I’m not a fan is an understatement! I can’t stand them, especially when they decide to fly in through the window and set up camp in the house, my ‘getting them back outside’ skills leave a lot to be desired!
  • Sunburn. If only I had a lovely olive complexion like my other half, but, alas, I’m so pale that I’m almost see through so it takes all of five minutes in the sun to turn me bright red.
  • Feeling the need to shower constantly. When it’s really warm and by the time you have got dressed you feel like you need another shower…yeah I wont miss that!
  • A steering wheel and gear stick hotter than the sun. As somebody that is prone to running late, I don’t have the time to wait for them to cool down before I set off. Yes, it only needs a few minutes of air con to make them bearable but those few minutes are torture!
  • Hay fever. I’m definitely ready for a break from the itchy eyes and stuffy nose!
  • The feeling of disappointment when the weather isn’t great. In the autumn/winter months bad weather is expected and I actually feel really positive on the days where it isn’t pouring down and blowing a gale outside. It’s the opposite in the summer though, I expect everyday to be great, (optimistic living in the UK I know!) so on those days where the sun doesn’t shine it gets me down.

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Have I missed anything off my list? Any of mine that you do/do not agree with? 

As much as I will miss the summer, I must admit that reminding myself of these things has left me even more excited for autumn than I was already! However, to end this post on a high I’m going to include what is probably my favourite summer picture from this year…


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Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed!

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Until the next time…Jess x

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