Autumn favourites

This post was going to be a wave goodbye to summer now that we are into September and autumn is all but upon us, but then I thought rather than list all the things I’m going to miss about summer, I figured in the aim of being positive I would instead embrace all the wonderful things that autumn is going to bring. I admit, I probably will still post something about the end of summer because I love to read posts of that nature, and I love to write them also…but not yet. First, I want to get excited for what is to come. Keep reading to find out what I’m excited for as autumn 2019 hits.

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orange pumpkins on gray wooden surface
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  •  Seeing the leaves change colour. All the red, orange, and golden tones of autumn leaves is something I look forward to every year. The sound of them crunching underneath my feet when I’m out walking is a bonus.
  • Autumnal candles. I’m a sucker for any scent of candle but there is something extra special about lighting one that has an autumnal look and smell to it, I’ve already started raiding my stash to see what’s left over from last year.
  • Celebrations. I’ve said before about how much I enjoy Halloween and Bonfire night so I’m excited that both are not far away. This year is the first with my daughter here, and even though she is far too small to understand I will definitely try to include her…even if it is just with a novelty Babygro.
  • American Horror Story. I love this show so I look forward to this time of year to see it return. The horror genre is my favourite, primarily paranormal, but a close second is the slasher and as the new season of American Horror Story has a slasher theme I can barely contain my excitement!
  • Seasonal coffees. Pumpkin spice lattes…need I say anymore?!
  • Jumpers. Cosy, comfortable, and baggy enough to hide the effects of a large meal…count me in!
  • Reading under a blanket. It takes no convincing to get me to pick up a book, in fact it’s much more of a fight to get me to put one down! This is particularly apparent in the autumn months because one of my favourite ways to read is on the sofa under a blanket.

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Have I missed any autumn highlights? Do any of mine match yours? I would love to hear what this season means to you!

Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed!

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Until the next time…Jess x

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