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10 things that make me smile

I’ve written quite a few list posts on here now. I shall link them throughout this one if you haven’t already checked them out and would like to. Anyway, I love writing them, and I love reading them on other blogs, (yes I am unashamedly nosey!) so I thought I would do another one. I hope that you enjoy! Keep reading to find out my top 10 things that make me smile…

1 – Sunshine. I’ve asked before Is it just me that feels better when the sun is shining? so this one may not come as a surprise, and rather than repeat myself I shall keep it short and sweet here and simply say that when I wake up to good weather it makes me smile and it sets me up for a better day. It doesn’t need to be really warm, I enjoy the winter sun as well as the summer sun.

2 – Starting a new book. Again, if this isn’t your first time stumbling upon my blog then you will already be aware of how much of a bookworm I am! There’s just something so great about starting a new book, the anticipation of whether it will be a good read, the general wondering of how little sleep I will get if it’s a real page turner that I cant put down…the list goes on.

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3 – The first coffee of the day. I’m a self confessed coffee addict, there is never a wrong time to enjoy a coffee but, that first one of the day? Nothing comes close to how much I enjoy that one. The only downside? Waiting for it to cool down enough for me to drink it! I’m often jealous of my mother and her ability to drink a coffee the second it has been made…if only I was the same!

4 – A good hair day. Some days I spend what feels like hours trying to get my hair to look halfway presentable, other days it just co-operates straightaway and I’m good to go, and on those days I smile, because as much as I like to look nice I do not enjoy the process. The quicker the better for me!

5 – Making somebody else smile. Whether it’s somebody close to me, or a stranger if I hold the door for them for example, I love to make other people happy even through the smallest of gestures. If they smile then I smile.

6 – Getting into bed at the end of the day. There is a lot to be said for a comfy and cosy bed! Extra smiles if the bed is cold when I get into it!

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7 – Random texts. You know the ones, where somebody sends you something because it made them think of you, I love those!

8 – An empty washing basket. This is few and far between these days! But, even if it is only for a matter of hours, the accomplishment of getting all the washing done is guaranteed to raise a smile!

9 – Random acts of kindness. For example, when somebody lets another person go in front of them at the checkout because they have a full trolley and the person behind has only a couple of bits. Or somebody giving up their seat to a person more in need. Little acts of kindness like these can really shape a person’s day and I love to see it. Instances like this happen all the time and I do try to notice them.

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10 – Facts. I love learning new things, and it really makes me smile if I’m chatting with somebody and they throw a little fact in that I hadn’t heard before. It doesn’t need to be serious, fun little quirky facts are just as welcome!

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So, there we are, 10 things that make me smile. I admit, this list could have been a lot longer, (perhaps I need to plan a part 2!) but I love that because it has been a great reminder of all the little things that make me smile day to day. I feel a lot more appreciative of the small stuff after writing this!

I would love it if you shared some things that make you smile in the comments. 

Also, do let me know if you agree with any of my choices.

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Thanks for reading!

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Until the next time…Jess x

5 thoughts on “10 things that make me smile

      1. I drink tea – green, camomile or peppermint. I used to have coffee occasionally but stopped when I went vegan (the alternative milks tasted horrible in hot drinks).
        Pets are rewarding I agree, I have always had cats though so I don’t know what it’s like to have other pets 🙂

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      2. I’m a big fan of peppermint, if you haven’t already then you should try buttermint tea, twinnings do one and it’s lovely! I haven’t had a cat, but I do have family members that do and I know how much enjoyment they get out of them.

        Liked by 1 person

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