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Top 5 things to keep in your workspace

Do you have a workspace at home?

Maybe you work from home, or you’re studying, or perhaps you are a fellow blogger. It could be that you just have a spot in the house that you go to when you have to complete boring adult/household tasks like comparing insurance or paying bills.

Any of that sound familiar? If so, then this post might just help you out.

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My workspace isn’t anything special, it’s a table in the front room that is also the dining table and general dumping ground for different things on their way to being put away. It’s also the space where things that have no home inevitably end up, like car keys or my handbag. It is used daily for my blogging/writing however, and whilst I used to tidy everything away after I had used it, I soon discovered it was a massive waste of time bringing out and putting away the same stuff everyday. So, with space being limited I had a proper think about what I needed in my workspace and I realised there are five items that I rely on everyday. I figured I would make a list of them and post them here because having them to hand definitely makes for a more productive use of my time. I have found it really useful and I hope you will too.

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1 – Organiser/planner. Having one of these in front of me has proven to be a must. I can jot things down that pop into my mind that I know there is a chance I will quickly forget. I can plan tasks around commitments and just generally be more organised…guess that’s why they call it an organiser eh?! Seriously though, it’s one of those things that you don’t realise you need until you have it and then you question how you survived without one.

2 – Pens. How can you utilise number 1 on this list without one? Personally I keep a few to hand and not just because I am obsessed with stationery, (although I unashamedly am!) but because it is inevitable that a time will come where you have just got yourself settled and you go to write something and the pen has run out. Who has time to go searching around for another? Not me!

3 – Charging cables. The battery life on both my phone and my laptop leave a lot to be desired! Therefore it is vital to me to have charging cables for both in my workspace. I hate to break the flow of what I am doing because one or the other, (sometimes both) has cut out. Having chargers to hand means I can prevent this happening, it’s good for my mood as well because it is beyond annoying to have a device turn itself off when I am right in the middle of doing something.

4 – Notebook. To jot down everything that doesn’t belong in your organiser/planner. For me this is mainly blog post ideas that occur to me as I am writing something else, but, it could be anything. You will know yourself what needs to be put into a planner and what needs to go in a notebook. I find it helps to have both because then things don’t get mixed up/ignored/forgotten about.

5 – Something that makes you smile. For me this is a plant. I love plants, and so it makes sense for me to keep one on the table that I use when I’m writing. It adds a bit of colour, looks great, and definitely makes the space a little more inviting for those days when my motivation isn’t at its highest. It doesn’t have to be a plant though, it could be a photo or a print, maybe an ornament or a candle. Something that doesn’t take up too much room but makes you happy is a must in my opinion when organising a workspace.

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That’s my top 5 items that I couldn’t lose from my workspace. I use all of them everyday and if I removed any of them I would definitely last all of five minutes before I was grabbing them again. With that being said, I did want to throw a few honourable mentions in here; things that whilst not being vital, do more often than not find themselves in my workspace and they are:

  • Coffee. I need a pretty much constant supply of coffee to perform any task.
  • Cushions. A combination of bad posture and not the best chair means that quite often I’m raiding the sofa for a cushion or two to prop me up.
  • A book. I take regular breaks when I’m writing and I find having a book close by is a great way to take five minutes away from what I’m doing without moving anywhere. If I head over to the sofa then a five minute break becomes an hour or worse still means I stop completely for the rest of the day.
  • A storage box. As I explained at the opening of this post, my work space has more than one use, and one of those uses is as a dining table. When there is more than just me and my partner having food it can become a little cramped, and simply pushing my work things to one side of the table will not do. On these occasions I grab a storage box from the cupboard in our front room so that I can quickly tidy all my things away to give us full use of the table. Having them all in one box in the same room means it’s quick and easy to get them back out again. This isn’t necessary everyday luckily.

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What items are a must in your workspace? Do you have a designated spot at home or does your workspace have multiple purposes like mine?

Thanks for reading, and as always, if you would like to see more of my content then please follow this blog and check out my Instagram and Pinterest pages.

Until the next time…Jess x

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