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10 things I can live without

Have you read my 10 things I can’t live without post? If you have then you will be able to guess the format of this one, but just in case…it’s going to be a fun, tongue in cheek post of 10 things that I would be totally fine living my life without. I hope that you enjoy!


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  1. Flies. Most specifically the flies that are intent on buzzing their way around my house during the summer months. I’m pretty sure they all congregate outside ready to pounce as soon as a door or window is opened. I feel I spend far too much of my life chasing them and attempting (most often unsuccessfully) to get them to fly back out the way they came in. Of course if I do manage to get one to leave it seems to entice another five inside anyway so it’s a constant losing battle and beyond annoying!
  2. Spiders. A lifelong phobia of mine that shows no signs of improving. If I could only pick one thing to eliminate then this would be the one, without a doubt! Hate them, hate them, hate them…enough said. I had better move on before I start freaking myself out thinking of how many of them are probably in my house as I write this.
  3. Getting ill. Isn’t it just the most inconvenient thing? I find illness always hits me when I have a whole list of things that I want or have to do. I’m very independent and I don’t like having to rely on anyone or accept help so getting ill is horrible for me because I will inevitably have to lean on others at some point. This aside, it’s just the most annoying waste of life isn’t it?!
  4. Hay fever. Totally pointless and guaranteed to get me irritated. Whether it’s a blocked nose stopping me sleeping, or itchy eyes that decide to leak everywhere as soon as I go outside, it’s so frustrating to put up with and a massive inconvenience to say the least!
  5. Dust. I could absolutely live without dust! I mean, I don’t think it’s too dramatic to call it soul-destroying, (okay, well maybe that is a bit OTT), but it’s still so infuriating! I like my house to be clean and dust free but I feel as though the second I have a surface dust free it’s already collecting again! Sometimes I wonder what the point is of even trying to keep on top of it, of course I only wonder this, it doesn’t stop me attempting to defeat the dust and then feeling annoyed half an hour later when it’s starting to settle once more.
  6. Thread. Specifically the thread that falls off clothes and socks. Let me explain. I have cream coloured carpets throughout my house and they seem to be a magnet for thread. Much like dust, I feel as though as soon as I have vacuumed the house then the thread is falling again and making the floors look dirty. Again, it makes me wonder what the point of trying to keep on top of it is, but I’m enough of a clean freak that I will never stop cleaning and tidying…I just wish there was a way to prevent the dreaded balls of thread, or a way to prevent me having a mini meltdown at the sight of them!
  7. Traffic. I could definitely live without traffic! It’s annoying. It’s time consuming. It causes obnoxious drivers to: tailgate, (why don’t you just ditch your car and I will give you a lift, you may as well seeing as you are already pretty much driving on my back seat!), lane weave, (it might shave 30 seconds off of your journey but it’s dangerous, pointless, distracting for other drivers and provocative, so just stop it), and toot their horn for no reason just because they are annoyed at getting stuck (me too, it doesn’t mean I need to make a fuss for no reason though, there is such a thing as self control). So, yeah, traffic needs to not exist. I would rather have to drive for twice as long providing I was moving the entire time. Stop start traffic is so aggravating!
  8. Slow or no internet. It doesn’t matter if I’m doing something important or just having a browse, if the internet goes at a snails pace, or stops working altogether it makes me so angry!
  9. When the battery dies on my phone. It always seems to be right when I’m in the middle of something and nowhere near a charger!
  10. Rubbish weather. More specifically rubbish weather when I have to leave the house. It makes everything more difficult if you are having to battle the elements. I hate running boring errands at the best of times, if I’m getting hit in the face by torrential rain and knocked unsteady by gale force winds, well, not only do I hate the errands even more, but I’m now in a mood as miserable as the weather!


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And there you go, 10 things that I can absolutely live without!

Do any of the things I listed make it into your top 10? What 10 things can you live without? I would love to hear yours!

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Thanks for reading!

Until the next time…Jess x


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