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6 things that annoy me

This was going to be a 5 things that annoy me post. Why? Because whenever you see lists they are neat numbers like top 5 or top 10 but when it came to writing my 5 I couldn’t narrow it down far enough, so instead this post will share the 6 things that annoy me.

I hope that you enjoy!

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1 – Bad manners. There really isn’t any excuse for it. We all know please and thankyou and therefore if we don’t use them then it’s a choice and that is the choice to be rude. It really annoys me when people treat others badly in this way. I think it’s some sort of superiority complex coming out but for me it just makes the rude person look awful. There’s never a need for this kind of behaviour and I’m sure the perpetrators would be the first to complain if they had a taste of their own medicine!

2 – When the internet freezes. I use the internet a lot. I’m using it right now to write this and there is little more infuriating than to be right in the middle of something and the internet refuses to play ball. I don’t have loads of free time (who does?!) so when I have found a few moments to write a blog post or research a subject or even just switch off with some browsing the last thing I need is the internet grinding to a halt. I’ve ran out of time to complete a task on so many occasions and whilst it may not be the end of the world it is super irritating!

3 – Littering. You wouldn’t throw rubbish around your house would you? Well, maybe some people do in which case those people annoy me as well! I just don’t ever think there is a reason to litter. There are bins everywhere nowadays and if there isn’t a bin nearby then keep hold of whatever it is and wait until you come across one. Personally I keep a couple of carrier bags in my handbag so worst case scenario I can throw whatever in one of them and easily carry it until I come across a bin. Imagine if everybody didn’t care and we all littered! Just find a bin, it really is that simple!

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4 – Personal space invaders. Those people that want to stand on top of you to have a conversation…I don’t need to feel your breath on my cheek to hear you! Also the people that feel the need to pretty much climb up my back when we are queueing, let me tell you that it will not get you to the checkout any faster! Just back up a little bit, respect my space, that’s all.

5 – Clutter. I hate clutter! I like everything to have a place and I like everything to be in its place, at all times. I know that sounds over the top and it probably is but I can’t help it. If the space around me is cluttered with stuff then my mind feels cluttered and I can’t focus or relax. I would rather spend half an hour tidying things away than feel annoyed and distracted. I’m sure my endless tidying would factor on a things my boyfriend finds annoying list though, he spends ages trying to find things that I have put away, I need to start telling him where I put them.

6 – Here it is number 6. The final one that I thought of that I just couldn’t leave off. Me. Yep, I annoy myself. Not all the time, but I really annoy myself when I don’t get things done that I want/need to. There are too many days where I set myself some tasks only to allow time to disappear without starting any of them. By the end of the day I don’t feel content for having a day off, I feel annoyed and frustrated that my list is no shorter. I must just be a professional procrastinator! Even if I get them all done the next day I’m no less annoyed because it doesn’t bring back the wasted previous day. I would love to say that acknowledging this has prompted an improvement but it hasn’t. I still have plenty of days where I do nothing except feel increasingly more angry with my lazy self.

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So there’s 6 things that annoy me. Any of mine make your list? Is there anything that didn’t make my list that absolutely makes yours? I would love to hear, even if you say something that I hadn’t thought of that leaves me annoyed that I didn’t put it on my list. So please leave a comment below and lets wind ourselves up together shall we.

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Thanks for reading!

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Until the next time…Jess x


13 thoughts on “6 things that annoy me

  1. I don’t think I could think of 6 things that annoy me – more like 600!
    Agree with the littering, it’s awful – especially when I see kids do it and I can’t say anything because they’d just say something rude, or worse.
    Here are just a few annoying things for me: small talk, hayfever, cold callers, packets I can’t open, people who repeat themselves often, loud music, cars, dogs…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha it is extremely difficult to narrow it down, I’m already planning another post with many more so you aren’t alone in having a long list of annoyances!

      I completely agree with small talk and cold callers! In fact there isn’t one thing on your list that I don’t agree with!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Litter has annoyed me since I was a small child. I remember seeing all the cigarette butts in the street gutters and trash in streams and being angry that people would treat our beautiful world that way and make it uglier.
    Also, clutter actually can negatively impact mental health in significant ways. They’ve done studies on it. So don’t feel bad about your need to tidy – you’re doing your brain a favor, even if your boyfriend does get annoyed!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is such a shame isn’t it that too many people don’t care about taking care of our world. Disposing of litter correctly is such a small contribution but it makes such a difference and I see no need for ever littering so it’s a big annoyance for me. Thanks for the info on clutter and mental health, I need to read into that a bit more, it sounds really interesting and something that I wasn’t aware of before so thank you for bringing it to my attention.

      Liked by 1 person

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