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My June in a nutshell

July. It is already July! Seriously, where is 2019 going?! As we are in a new month it is time for another roundup post. So here it is, me sharing my highs, lows and standout moments for June. I hope that you enjoy!

Let me know yours in the comments, I would love to hear!


With my daughter being born right at the end of May (29th), it meant that most of our friends and family met her in June. Being able to show her off was a major high for me! I hadn’t appreciated fully how generous our friends and family are until it came time to organise all the gifts they gave us…the amount of lovely things that we received was pretty overwhelming!


Whilst a lot of June was awful weather wise, the end of the month brought some gorgeous sunshine and that was a definite high for me. It was great to dig out the summer dresses and sandals and stare up at a clear sky. I took advantage of the lovely weather by getting out and about walking…I must be better with sun cream though because coping with a sunburnt face has not been fun!



June saw my eldest nephew turn seven. It seems crazy to write that he is seven now, as cliched as it sounds it really does seem like no time ago that he was a newborn, he really is growing up so fast! He had a lovely party with his friends and then the family all got together afterwards. It was such a great day, we all got to catch up and enjoy some party food together. I came away from it with two slices of cake as well which went down a treat! Responsibilities and obligations too often get in the way of family time so I never take the times we spend together for granted.




I was hoping to tick another book off of my the books I plan on reading this year list but unfortunately I didn’t manage it. In fact June has been a pretty rubbish reading month for me overall. I had quite a few books that I wanted to read and quite a few that I was hoping to read in order to write a few blog posts but I didn’t get through any of them. I started more than one but just didn’t get very far. It’s safe to say I hit a major reading slump! Hopefully July will bring lots of reading to balance things back out a little bit.


My standout moment for June was getting to celebrate Fathers day with my boyfriend. It was the first one since our daughter has been born so it was particularly special! She gave him a print of her hands and feet so he always has the memory of how little she was at this time. She is obviously far too small to remember the day but we will and that is why it was so important to me that he had the best day. We spent it with his son as well which only added to the fun and memories. All I wanted was for him to have a day to remember and I’m pretty confident we achieved that which is all I can ask for! Fathers day has always been important to me because my own father is so special and deserves endless recognition for all he has done and continues to do for me, it just became extra special this year because I had the opportunity to thank two wonderful dads.


And that’s June in a nutshell. Overall it has been a lovely month with more highs than lows so I can’t complain. Here’s hoping the lovely weather continues into July, I love the summer months!

How was your June? Anything in particular that stands out for you? Whether good or bad I would love for you to share!

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Thanks for reading!

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Until the next time…Jess x

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    1. The year is just disappearing isn’t it! I’m sure the older I get the faster it goes haha. It was a lovely month yes, just a little quick! Hope you had a good one too!


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