Is a home complete without plants?

In my opinion, no it isn’t. I was never particularly interested in having plants. I didn’t dislike them or anything, they just weren’t something that excited me. Also, given my track record with flowers and how easily I seemed to be able to kill them without even trying, there was a fear that the same fate would await any plants that came into my possession.

Now, just because I wasn’t a plant/flower person didn’t mean I couldn’t appreciate how lovely they looked…it was just always in other peoples houses that I saw them, never my own.

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20190624_172342Anyway, one day myself and my boyfriend went to the garden centre, I think we were looking for fish for his tank or maybe it was yet again another rubbish day on the weather front and it was somewhere to wander around without getting totally drenched. Either way, we were strolling around and we spotted a Yucca plant. We both really liked it so we thought why not pick it up. I loved how it looked in our living room and it wasn’t long before I was picking out other spots in the room that all of sudden were crying out for a plant as well. A couple more trips to the garden centre later and we had more plants to add to the collection. And guess what? I’ve managed to take care of them as well and they are still thriving!

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I’m quite a minimalist person, I don’t like lots of ‘stuff’ cluttering up rooms. In fact my boyfriend always jokes that I like to keep the house looking like a show home. He has to remind me often that it is completely okay for a home to look and be lived in. I’m getting better with accepting that as time goes on but I still don’t like bits and pieces everywhere. Plants are different though. They add colour and they make a room look more interesting. Plus, we have a couple that produce oxygen so they are helping to keep the air clean and fresh. I admit that I haven’t personally noticed a difference since we have had them but I like to think we are breathing better as a result of them being here.

Indoor plants really aren’t that difficult to look after either. I refused to buy any of the beautiful pots that I saw on the shelf next to them because I was afraid they would go to waste, in my head there was a strong chance that the plants would be no more within a week. That was a silly fear though, they are low maintenance and still going strong months later!


The issue that I have now is lack of space. I think it’s a bit extreme to move somewhere bigger just so I have more spots available to pop a plant in. I do want a few more though. Just one or two…or five or six. I’m joking, I think I will make do with what I have for the time being, they could end up becoming a trip hazard otherwise!

It’s nice though isn’t it, to have something so simple that can make you smile. I’m glad I picked up that Yucca plant way back when…I didn’t know what I was missing out on! I’m still avoiding flowers though, it doesn’t matter how beautiful they are, they just aren’t safe around me it seems.

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Are you a plant lover?

What decorative pieces do you like to fill your home with?

Thanks for reading. I hope that you enjoyed. I’m off now to have a wander around the house and see if there are any places that I’ve overlooked that are crying out for a plant, it wouldn’t take much to convince me and it has been a while since I took a trip to the garden centre. I feel a visit coming on very soon!

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Until the next time…Jess x

4 thoughts on “Is a home complete without plants?

  1. I love plants but unfortunately I can’t have them indoors because the cats and the kids would get to them! However I have tomato and pepper plants outdoors, which I’m hoping will be OK after the variable weather we’ve had. They were very successful in last year’s long hot summer.

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    1. It’s interesting you mention the kids, I did think that my time is running out, as my daughter gets bigger I think I may have to re-evaluate the plants! Planting outdoors is a great compromise! I grew tomatoes a couple of years ago and spinach also, it can be quite addictive watching the progress! Here’s hoping we get some hot days soon so your plants thrive again.

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