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My top 3 childhood games with flowers, how many do you remember playing?

If this isn’t your first time here then you will probably know by now that I love getting out and about in nature. Going for a walk is one of my favourite things to do when I have some spare time and it was whilst I was out on a walk recently that I spotted three flowers/weeds that took me right back to my childhood. As I looked down and saw more and more of these three stretched out along the pathway it made me feel more than a little nostalgic and reminded me of how I passed the time in the warm weather when I was growing up. Therefore, I thought why not write a post and see if you remember passing your childhood days in the same way?

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Ok, so the first on the list is…daisies.

Daisies really are synonymous with my childhood. I remember sitting in a circle, legs crossed, with a group of friends making daisy chains for what seemed like hours! I remember we would scout out our surroundings beforehand to find the optimal patch of grass with the most/best daisies and then we would make ourselves and others daisy chains to wear around our wrists, necks, ankles, in our hair etc. etc.

Did you make daisy chains when you were growing up as well?

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Next up…buttercups.


I have always known that I like butter. Well, I say always, maybe not when I was tiny but, put it this way, as long as I have known what a buttercup is I have known that I like butter. However, every year when the buttercups bloomed it was still vital to hold one up to the underneath of my chin and check to see if my skin looked yellow. If it did, then butter is in favour, if it didn’t then of course it meant that butter was top of the hated foods list. This test was taken very seriously and the answer was accepted as the absolute truth. At least it was until I walked home and there was the option to have butter on my jacket potato, at that point all bets were off, the buttercups were forgotten and I was indulging as usual despite my chin not turning yellow on this occasion.

Did you play the buttercup game? Were you honest about the results or did you pretend that the buttercup had got it right?

Last but not least…the dandelion flower.


Surely you remember this one? You must have played the game where you used a dandelion flower to tell the time?

You would blow at the flower, each puff of breath signaling an hour and once you had blown the final pieces away then you would know what the time was. This method of keeping time was of course far more accurate than a watch or clock! And what if the flower gave the incorrect time? Well, then it was a dud flower of course and you would simply pick another one. This cycle continued until the correct time was given, at which point you could exclaim to all around you that it is true, you really can tell the time by a dandelion flower.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post, are there any other games that you remember playing with flowers/weeds when you were growing up that I haven’t mentioned? Leave a comment down below if there are, I would love to be reminded of any that I may have missed.

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Thanks for reading!

Until the next time…Jess x


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