My most memorable childhood stories

Everybody has books that they remember reading as a child, books that were special then and stay special now.

Have you thought about which books they are for you?

I was thinking about this recently and it got me all nostalgic, and left me desperate to get some copies of ones that made the list that I don’t have in my possession currently. So far I have been strong and not picked up any but I can’t see myself lasting long!

Anyway, because I enjoyed the little trip down memory lane I thought why not write about it and share with you the books I enjoyed growing up.

Let me know your opinions on the ones that I put forward because I would love to know if you loved them as much as me, or equally, if you hated them completely!

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If you are a 90’s child like me then you must remember these books?! They first emerged in the early 80’s and in total there are 181 titles! There was also a TV show based on the books which I remember watching and enjoying as well. So, what did I like about these teen romance/thriller novels? I liked the relatability coupled with escapism. The twins: Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield were easy to connect with and their adventures, albeit pretty silly and far-fetched were fun to read. When I think of these books I think of my mum taking us to the library each week and me scouring the shelves looking for one I hadn’t read. These simple childhood memories are the best!

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Is there any child anywhere that hasn’t read a Goosebumps book (or 20)?! I was completely captivated by this series of books! Did you know there are over 200 of them altogether? Pretty impressive. I loved the colourful covers of these children’s horror fiction books, I loved the sense that I was reading something that maybe I shouldn’t be reading, was I too young for them? I loved the feeling of fear I had if I read them before bed when it was dark outside, I loved too pretending that I was brave and they didn’t scare me. I remember choosing Goosebumps books from the library for many years but I also remember that myself and my siblings had lots of them that we owned so it would be interesting to raid my parents attic space and see if there are any lurking there.



If this isn’t your first time here then you will know by now that I love Roald Dahl books. I can’t think of a single one that I have read and not enjoyed. The book that really stands out in my memory from childhood is The Twits. I remember having a copy with a yellow cover. Again I wonder if it is still lurking somewhere in my parents house. I have another copy of it now but to get my hands on that one would give me so many sentimental feelings! I don’t think that I had a favourite as a child, if memory serves me correctly I happily read any Roald Dahl title and enjoyed them in equal measure. I have a few stand out titles now however, check out my Happy Roald Dahl Day! post to find out what they are.

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I was first introduced to the Harry Potter books when I was in year 5 at primary school. My teacher read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to us in class. At this point I was unaware that it was the second book in the series but when I discovered that it was I couldn’t wait to read the first one. The first book remains my favourite, incidentally the first film is also my favourite overall but I still get enjoyment from rereading all the books in the series. They aren’t my go-to genre but something about them pulls me in and even though I pretty much know them off by heart by this point I will still happily pick one up when I want a comfortable read.

So, those are the main ones that I remember reading growing up in the 90s/00s. I wanted to list a few more book titles here though, because, when I was thinking about this post they did pop into my mind as being part of my childhood. Some I remember being read to me by my parents and some I remember on a shelf in a classroom/the library. Are there any that you remember as well?

90s child

The Hungry Caterpillar – Eric Carle

The Rainbow Fish – Marcus Pfister

DK Eyewitness Series – DK

The Jolly Postman or Other People’s Letters – Janet and Allan Ahlberg

Funnybones – Janet and Allan Ahlberg

The Tiger Who Came To Tea – Judith Kerr

Not Now Bernard – David Mckee

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I also wanted to mention one more series of books, and that is the Jacqueline Wilson books. I wasn’t a fan of them personally but my sister loved them! I expect that she still does now. I don’t know why they weren’t my cup of tea but they just didn’t appeal to me for some reason. They were huge for people my age growing up however, and like I said, my sister couldn’t get enough of them so I feel it is only right to give them a mention here as well.

Are there any books from your childhood that really stand out in your memory? Do you still read them now as an adult? If so, do you enjoy them more/less/the same as when you were younger? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed this post!

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Until the next time…Jess x




8 thoughts on “My most memorable childhood stories

  1. Yes to Harry Potter and Goosebumps! I was never interested in Sweet Valley High but I did read Babysitters Club. I liked Jacqueline Wilson a lot until I grew out of them. I still love a lot of classic kids books but not most of the popular series.


    1. I’m still a big fan of many children’s books as an adult as well! I remember The Babysitters Club but I’m not sure if I read any or just saw them in the library, I should pop one on my to read list to see if it jogs any memories.

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