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Are adult colouring books worth the hype?

They’re everywhere nowadays aren’t they? I thought they might just be a craze when they first hit the shelves but it doesn’t seem that way now. Adult colouring books are really standing the test of time! Are they worth the hype though? Do they provide for us what they claim to or is it a placebo effect?

Okay, so firstly what do they claim to give us?

Studies have found that adult colouring books have many mental health benefits. Apparently as small an amount of time as ten minutes daily can aid relaxation, a sense of peace and help to calm stress and anxiety. These are pretty big claims right?

I wonder if the calming feelings stem from a sense of nostalgia. Colouring books are synonymous with childhood, so perhaps an adult indulging in a past time that we link with being a kid prompts a glassy eyed walk down memory lane to more simpler times in our lives. It makes sense doesn’t it?


I was a little late to the party. It has only been recently that I have enjoyed picking up an adult colouring book. I don’t use it as stress reliever, it’s more something to keep me occupied when I’m having a coffee or watching some TV, but I can definitely appreciate how soothing it is! Art was never my strong point and perhaps this is why but focusing on staying within the lines and picturing the end result so I know which colours to use and where to put them is enough to clear my mind. I can spend half an hour colouring in and afterwards I realise that I haven’t thought about anything else during that time. Regular little niggles that are always at the back of my mind have been silenced for that half an hour.

So, I would say that adult colouring books are definitely worth the hype! Whether they are used for mental health purposes or simply for enjoyment, I would say that they really are great! As I said, I use adult colouring books for enjoyment and to keep me occupied so I can’t personally comment on whether they are actually beneficial with regards helping anxiety etc but I’m not skeptical of the research that I have read. I can 100% see how they would be beneficial for sufferers and I think this is great. Anything that provides comfort to somebody struggling is a positive thing in my eyes.

Do you use adult colouring books? If so, why? If not then why not?

Would you agree that they are worth the hype?

Thanks for reading!

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Until the next time…Jess x

4 thoughts on “Are adult colouring books worth the hype?

  1. I LOVE coloring books but I don’t usually go for the “Adult” coloring books because surprisingly, they stress me out! I usually get kids coloring books because then I can add my own designs and don’t worry so much about fine details. But I can definitely see the appeal of adult coloring books for stress relief and a fun activity.
    -Lunaria L Moon

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    1. It actually hadn’t occurred to me to pick up a kids colouring book, but I really want to now! I loved them growing up and there’s no reason why I can’t enjoy them now so thanks for the suggestion! I think it’s fab that you add your own designs, that’s so creative! Thank you for commenting.


  2. I have a Lost Oceans colouring book I got for free a few years ago. I coloured some of it while waiting for labour to start. I haven’t done any since, mainly because there are lots of other things to do and I would never get round to it. I would agree that colouring or any non-screen activity such as drawing, playing board games or building with blocks etc are stress relievers because we focus on what our hands are doing and we can lose ourselves in that for a while.


    1. Thanks for the comment! It’s definitely a stress reliever to escape screens for a little bit, I know I’m guilty of spending too much time disappearing into my phone so an alternative to that is great!

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