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10 things I can’t live without

Notice that I have titled this post as things. So, people don’t factor into this one, I mean, it goes without saying that I can’t live without my friends and family! Also, just before I get into it, I want to just say that this is a fun, little activity that I wanted to do. It is tongue in cheek and not to be taken totally seriously! With that said, let’s get into it…


  1. Coffee. Everyday begins with a flick of the kettle and a hot mug of coffee! I can be half asleep but I will still find my way to the kitchen to make a coffee. I also always find the time for a coffee, even if I’m running late!
  2. Mobile phone. I would literally be lost without my phone! It’s my alarm to get me out of bed, it’s how I easily stay in touch with people (particularly family as they aren’t local anymore), it’s my first link to the news so I know what is going on in the world etc etc.
  3. Shower and toothbrush. Okay, so this might be cheating because it’s two things but they kind of go together right? I couldn’t go a day without a shower or brushing my teeth. I just feel gross otherwise! Even when I’m feeling unwell I still shower and clean my teeth, it just has to be done!
  4. Basic makeup and hair products. Oops, risk of sounding vain here! Also the risk of possibly cheating with two things again, but like before they go hand in hand! There are plenty of days where I go makeup free and throw my hair in a scrunchie but more often than not I feel a little better if I have done something with my face and my hair. Maybe it’s a little stretched to say I couldn’t live without these things, rather I just don’t want to!
  5. WIFI/data. I love the internet. It’s great for a quick search to answer a question, a spot of online shopping, getting some inspiration on Pinterest or watching YouTube. Basically it’s pratical, useful and fun!
  6. Books. I love reading, that’s partly why I chose English Literature for my degree studies. As passionate as I am about writing, I’m equally as passionate reading the writing of others.
  7. Slippers. I can’t wrap my head around anybody that doesn’t wear slippers! They are the first thing I put on when I get in the house and the last thing I take off before I leave. In fact, I have been late to work once because I got halfway there with my slippers on and had to turn back for my shoes, that was pretty awkward! I have winter slippers and summer slippers as well so I’m all set the whole year round!
  8. Comfy clothes. If I’m at home then one of the first things I will do is put some comfy clothes on. I just feel more comfortable and a lot happier. Some days it will be pyjamas, other days it’s a tracksuit. Either way, if I don’t have to go out then the comfy clothes are staying on!
  9. My car. I have had a driving license for 11 years now and I love the freedom that having a car brings. I can jump in the car anytime and get where I need to go without relying on anybody else. If only there was a way to get rid of traffic!
  10. Bed. I love my bed! It’s cosy, comfy and there is no better feeling than settling down into bed to go to sleep. It’s relaxing both for the body and mind…getting into bed means not having to do anything or think about anything except resting and getting some shut eye, heaven!


So, there you have it, my 10 things that I can’t live without list. I hope you enjoyed reading it!

Do any of the things I listed make it into your top 10? What 10 things can you not live without?

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Thanks for reading!

Until the next time…Jess x

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