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Are you a morning person or a night owl?

I’m really intrigued. What makes somebody a morning person or a night owl?

I’m not really either. I work shift work and as a result my body clock is pretty much all over the place. Sure, there are down sides to this but the positive is that I can now literally sleep anywhere and at any time. I’m one of those people that just needs a solid 8 hours sleep. It doesn’t matter what time I go to bed, as long as I have 8 hours I’m good to go.

One of my friends and my boyfriend springs to mind at this point. Why? Because they love their sleep and would happily spend all day in bed catching zzz’s. I just can’t do that, I get bored, restless, I feel like I am wasting time so I have to get up. In fact, as soon as I am awake I have to get out of bed. Even if I only make it as far as the sofa to enjoy a coffee I still have to get up. My boyfriend for example will happily spend time in bed reading when he first wakes up, I just can’t do that, I don’t find it relaxing. When I’m up, I’m up.

There are people that I know who like to sleep away the day and stay up late. Equally there are people that I know who retire early and rise early. So, is there something pre programmed in these people to make them this way or are they a victim of their lifestyle? Is it the jobs that they hold, the fact that they have children or don’t have children? Is it because they enjoy a night out or because they prefer to be home in the evening?

Is it a choice or a necessity? 


I did some research on this because it really interests me but I haven’t really found any answers. In fact it served to raise more questions.

Apparently there are positives and negatives attributed to being both a morning person and a night owl. Early risers are thought to achieve more academically whereas the memory of a night owl is far stronger. There are studies that show that night owls are as healthy as morning people and may even enjoy more wealth. However, there are also studies that show night owls are more likely to suffer depression.

Does that mean then that somebody who is neither a morning person or a night owl is better off overall? Or do they fall shorter in all areas leaving them at a disadvantage? I looked into this and again couldn’t find any concrete answers to my questions.

As a result I conclude the following: just do what suits you and what you are able to do. If you rise early and that works for you then great, if you like to lay in and stay up late then fine, it doesn’t make you lazy! If, like me, you just need a particular amount of sleep and will sometimes rise early, sleep early, rise late or sleep late or even barely sleep at all and just find a way to function then that is okay too.

After reading that our sleep preferences change with age and our preferred patterns are biological I am content that everybody is different. I think following the routine that suits us best will result in us achieving what we are capable of. There are enough things for us to feel guilty about day to day, I don’t think it is a good idea to add what time we go to bed and wake up to the list. Do what works for you and change it only when it stops working for you, that’s my opinion.

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What do you think about this? Are you a morning person, a night owl or somewhere in between? Do your sleeping habits make you feel guilty? Leave a comment below if you would like to!

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Thanks for reading!

Until the next time…Jess x

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