Spring has sprung!

Yep, I can finally feel confident enough to say that winter is behind us and spring has well and truly sprung!

I love this season, do you?

It wasn’t a particularly cold winter but even so, there is something so magical about spring wouldn’t you agree? All the trees and flowers begin to bloom again, the sun is warm and it stays lighter later. For me it is a welcome relief after a dark and dreary few months!

So, how do I make the most of the springtime? Keep reading to find out!


Getting out and about. Have you read my going for a wander post? If you have then you will know that I love going for a walk! I will do this in any weather but I do particularly enjoy getting out and about when it is a little warmer. Also, I love watching bumblebees and this time of year they are just coming out again.

Reading outdoors. I’m a book addict and I read all year round but when spring hits there is really nothing better than taking a coffee and a book into the garden and indulging in a few chapters with the sound of the birds singing.

Spring cleaning. I don’t know why but whenever the warm weather makes an appearance I feel like it is the best time to clear out some clutter at home. I’m pretty minimalist and I always find myself going through cupboards and getting rid of stuff this time of year. I find it clears my mind as well as my home so it’s a double win. If you read my March in a nutshell post then you will know that I have already de-cluttered my house and I feel so much happier now!

Be a bit healthier. I’m awful in the winter months for letting healthy eating and exercise slide. It’s hard though isn’t it, I mean, who wants to eat a salad when it’s freezing cold? Not me, I want a hearty meal, a roast dinner with extra cauliflower cheese please! But, as the weather improves I find it much easier to make good choices when it comes to my diet and exercise. Yes I will have lazy days and yes I will still order a pizza now and again because I’m human after all but I’m definitely more disciplined overall.


Do any of these make your spring highlights? Is there anything that you particularly enjoy about spring that I haven’t mentioned? I would love to hear so please share in the comments below! 

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Thanks for reading!

Until the next time…Jess x

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