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My March in a nutshell

So, here we are, halfway (pretty much) through April so it’s about time that I posted my roundup of March.

I hope you enjoy reading!


March was the month when I finally got everything organised at home. I talked about wanting to sort through my clothes and shoes in my January and February ‘in a nutshell’ posts. Well, not only did I finally get around to organising my wardrobe, I went further. I had a full house clear out. I sorted through every cupboard, drawer, box etc. in the house and I have organised everything that I don’t want into different piles. I have a pile which is to be donated, a pile to be recycled and a pile that needs to be thrown away. I can actually access my things now and I feel so much better to have cleared out the clutter and reintroduced some organisation into my home. My aim for April is to have sent the piles to their destinations so the house is completely clear.


The weather. Rather surprisingly for the UK there has been some gorgeous weather this month and I have made the most of it whenever possible. I’ve taken some lovely long walks, sat and listened to the sea and had ice cream and walked along the beach. My mood is much more upbeat when the sun is shining, I actually wrote a post on this which you can read here if you would like to. The weather is unpredictable here that you have to make the most of the sunny days when they are here so I’m really glad that I did! Also, as somebody that loves going for a wander it’s great to have the opportunity to indulge that when the weather is great.



On the topic of weather it hasn’t all been good! I’m not talking about rain, yes there has been quite a bit of that, but that’s normal here! I’m talking about the return of my hay fever. For a good couple of weeks I was convinced that I was coming down with something because I figured it was way too early for hay fever. Eventually I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to take an allergy tablet because my symptoms matched my hay fever exactly and lo and behold everything cleared up. No itchy eyes, no streaming eyes, my nose wasn’t blocked or bleeding anymore, even the pain in my ears disappeared. I just wish that I had linked the two earlier. It would have saved a couple of weeks of feeling rubbish! Even though I am lucky in so much as if I take an allergy tablet everyday then my symptoms are more than manageable, it is still pretty rubbish having hay fever so it’s definitely a low moment for me this month!


My other low for March was that I didn’t read a book on my the books I plan on reading this year list. I was really proud and happy when I read a book from the list in January and February and I really wanted to keep this going into March but when it came to it I just wasn’t feeling any of the books on the list. There were other books that I wanted to read instead so I decided to do that so I could enjoy my reading, I didn’t want it to feel like a chore. Now that the month is over however, I really wish I had read a book from the list, I’m really frustrated that I didn’t, I’m not sure why it has annoyed me so much but because it has I am determined to read at least one book from the list in April. Fingers crossed I manage it so this can go back into my ‘high’ moments.

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My standout moment for March came right at the end, the 29th to be exact. On this day my nephew was born. My sister now has three boys, two of which are under two years old so she really has her work cut out for her! She’ll be fine though, she’s a great mum and it helps that all three of the boys are super cute and lots of fun! I love being an Auntie so it’s wonderful to have another addition to the family.

And that is it, my March in a nutshell. Overall, March was a pretty quiet month for me which is why I don’t have as much for this post as I did for the January and February ones. It wasn’t a bad month though, far from it. In fact, with the birth of my nephew it is the best month of the year so far without doubt!

How has your year been so far? Which month has been your favourite in 2019 so far and why? 

Thanks for reading!

Until the next time…Jess x

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