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My February in a nutshell

Did you read my  January in a nutshell post? It’s a new thing I’m trying out this year where I post my highs and lows, standout moments and just a general recap of the month. So, as it’s now March I thought it was about time I posted my February roundup so here it is!

I hope you enjoy!


The main high for me in February was my birthday. I actually wrote a whole post about that, which you can read here if you haven’t already and would like to. As I explained in that post I was feeling a little strange about heading into the final year of my twenties but now, nearly a month later, I wonder what I was so bothered about! I’m one of those people that gets myself all worked up at the prospect of something and then when it arrives I realise it really is no big deal and I get mad at myself for wasting time worrying beforehand. This is no different, I feel exactly the same as when I was 28 and life is exactly the same. What is it that they say? Age is just a number? I couldn’t agree more!



I updated you all last month on my reading targets that I had set in my The books I plan on reading this year post and I was happy to report that I had read one of them and was already reading the second on the list. The first book became my The book versus movie debate: The Silver Linings Playbook post. Did you read it? I am happy to report that February was much the same as January, I ticked off another book on the list and have a blog post coming soon on that one as well. I’m really pleased that I got through another one, particularly because I received books for my birthday so I had plenty of distractions! Fingers crossed that I finish the third on the list in March so that this category can remain a high!



In the January roundup I shared my struggle with cold symptoms, or rather feeling like a cold was on its way but never quite reaching its destination. This disappeared during February and I have felt completely well. I still have no idea what caused the groggy January, perhaps it was weather related or a post Christmas comedown and the bursts of sun in February helped, I don’t know, but I’m so glad that I’m better!


This leads me to another point that made my lows before but has made it into the high section now and that is my social media engagement. I have been much more active on here by setting myself a manageable target of two posts a week and I have also been more active on Instagram and Pinterest as well. Please click the links and check out what my pages look like! I’m really proud that I have been more consistent and I’m determined to keep it up! I don’t know why it became like a chore for me in January because I really enjoy working on all of it! Also, shameless beg here…please follow me if you don’t already, I would love to have you there!



February was a great month for me socially. I spent time with all the people that matter the most to me and it was lovely! Quality time is so important, in fact it ticks two boxes because, not only does it motivate me to be more organised which is important to me but it makes me happier overall to make memories so I will definitely keep this approach as the year goes on.


There had to be one right? The low for me in February was my aim to sort through my clothes. I just didn’t get around to it. My wardrobe is fast becoming a ‘floor-drobe’, it’s really getting out of hand now! I need to be strong and sort through everything and get rid of everything that I don’t want/like/wear anymore. I think I have put it off for so long because it’s such a big task but March has to be the month where I tackle it. I’m going to have clothes and shoes all over the house if I don’t figure it out soon!


My main standout moment for February was a trip I went on to The Royal Mint in Llantrisant, South Wales. I went with my boyfriend and his family, it was part of the birthday celebrations for his sister and it was so much fun! I wasn’t sure what I would think because coins have never interested me. However, it was really interesting and a lot of fun! We were taken on a tour so that we could see coins being made and learn the history of The Royal Mint. The guide that took us around was great, she was full of knowledge and passion and made time to answer all the questions that were thrown her way (there were a lot)! We even got to strike our own coin which was a fab experience. Have you visited? How did you find it?



Do you remember in my January post when I said that I had written another poetry review for the magazine that I write for? Well, February brought some feedback from the author who was extremely complimentary of my work and full of promises to share my review with his contacts. This is an incredible achievement for me and I was so happy to hear his kind words. The feedback came towards the end of the month and was the perfect way to round off a really positive month!

And that’s everything I have for you, my February in a nutshell. February was a great month for me, full of positives and to round it up with only one low which in the grand scheme of things is really not a big deal makes me smile so much! I’m working hard on making March as positive because I have loved writing a post full of so much happiness. I’m going to make sure that if I have any wobbles during March I will come back to this and remind myself that motivation and determination and surrounding myself with good people is all I need to feel good.

What do you do to make yourself happy? What keeps you motivated in life?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!

Until the next time…Jess x

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