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Some silly ‘get to know me’ facts

IMG-20170916-WA0042In the interest of making my blog a little more personal and wanting you to get to know me a little more I thought it would be a good idea to write some silly ‘get to know me’ facts. I love reading posts like this so I hope that you enjoy mine!

1 I was a secret thumb sucker for way too long. I only stopped sucking my thumb when I was 16 and I had my tongue pierced, and I only stopped then because I couldn’t do it any more! It was a secret because from a very young age (around 5 I think) I would only do it at home, never out and about in public!

2 I will always pick a green sweet over any other colour. It doesn’t matter what sweet it is, if a bag or packet is offered out to me and there are a range of colours, I will only ever opt for a green one.

3 I cant stand it if a sock goes out of shape! By this, I mean when I am wearing them, or when anyone else is for that matter. If the heel part shifts around to the top or the toes bit slides off I must sort it immediately. If it’s someone else and I feel I can get away with it I will definitely bring it to their attention!

4 I love naps! I probably love napping a little bit too much. I quite often fall asleep on the sofa but more than that I am happy to take myself off to bed for an hour or two of snoozing. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is or whether it is justified or just me being lazy, I can’t resist catching some zzz’s.

5 I have an issue with ‘tidying things away’ as in I shove things (not just mine) into cupboards and drawers so that the space I am in looks tidy. It’s a shame the clutter still lurks within! I’m guilty of doing this at home and at work, I just can’t help myself!

6 I love browsing shops with all sorts of random bits and pieces in them. I just find them so interesting. It might be little independent shops, market stalls, department stores with loads of different sections, it doesn’t matter. If it’s random stuff all under one roof, I’m in my element.

7 I’m a little too obsessed with playing board games. Seriously, any excuse to play one and I’m going to take it. It can be any board game as well, I love Scrabble, Cluedo, Monopoly etc.etc. In fact, I can’t remember playing one that I didn’t enjoy!

8 3 is my favourite number. I don’t know why, it just is. This one is a little weird because as a general rule I prefer even numbers but for some reason I just love the number 3.

9 The TV/radio volume must always be on an even number. I can’t have either on an odd setting, it doesn’t matter if the odd number is the perfect level, I will still turn it up one or down one. This is partly why I find it weird that my favourite number is 3.

10 I love falling asleep to the sound of the rain. It doesn’t matter how cold it is outside, if it is raining I will have the window open so I can listen to the sound of the rain as I fall asleep. I find it so peaceful and relaxing.



11 Speaking of falling asleep, I love getting into a cold bed. Whatever the weather and however hot/cold I am, I always want the bed to be cold when I get into it. This has been the case for as long as I can remember and I don’t know why but for me, there is nothing better than warming up in bed versus feeling boiling as I try to settle down to sleep.

12 I have a reputation for being a ‘wind up’. I love to pull pranks and say and do silly things. I never have bad intentions, I just want to make myself and others laugh and if I do say so myself I’m a pretty good sport if the tables are turned on me. My reputation is so strong that sometimes it works against me. More than once I have told somebody something and had them not believe me because they think I’m messing around.

13 The more time I have, the more likely I will run late. Let’s take getting ready for work as an example. If I get up with just enough time to get ready then I make it on time, no problem. If I’m up earlier than usual I seem to move slower because the pressure is off and then I’m rushing to make it!

14 I work better under pressure. I imagine this is why I always leave things to the last minute (that’s my excuse anyway) because I seem to perform better if the heat is on.

15 My favourite colour to write in is black. I’m not against writing in other colours but if I have a choice then give me black ink over blue any day!

16 I love watching documentaries and reality shows. I tend to opt for crime documentaries, or any Louis Theroux piece (I love him!) but if it’s reality tv then it will be The Real Housewives of…well anywhere really, I love them all, or Big Brother (I’m still not ready to accept that isn’t coming back), thank goodness I will have Love Island to fill that void. I suppose my confession here is that I indulge my guilty pleasures with my television viewing.

20170827_215155.jpgSo there we go, 16 random and pretty silly facts about me. I hope you enjoyed reading them! I confess I have realised that I’m far more quirky (or should I say weird?) than I thought!

Do you have any weird habits/traits that you feel brave enough to share? Do any of mine match up with any of yours?

Thanks for reading!

Until the next time…Jess x





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