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A little thank-you to a favourite thing

Thank-you notes are cool right? Whether they are the old fashioned pen and paper type or the more up to date text or email; they’re nice to give and receive aren’t they?

I always try to say thank-you because I’m a stickler for good manners, and I think I achieve it with people but what about things? Do we ever thank things? Do we ever show appreciation to our cars because they get us from A to B? Or do we ever make it clear that we are grateful to our washing machines because they haven’t chewed up our favourite top?

You can probably see where I am going with this now.

I wanted to do a light hearted post, something a little silly and fun…just because.


So, as much as good manners are super important to me, I wanted to have a little fun with the concept of a thank you note and throw one out there to one of my most favourite of ‘things’. Here it is…

Dear coffee,

I just wanted to thank you for being you in all your caffeinated glory! You are my first thought when I wake in the morning and the only thing that can get me moving and feeling able to face the day. I love you from a coffee machine, a spoon of instant or a scoop of ground in a cafetiere. I would even accept a hot mug of you without milk if there was no alternative! This is the only change I make to you; a splash of milk. Otherwise you are just you and that is perfect for me.

I have at least three of you before the morning is out; sometimes more! There are days where it is only a pounding heart and a shaking hand that stops me boiling the kettle ‘just once more’. What do I do then? Do I forget you? No, I could never! I simply switch to your decaffeinated counterpart and continue on.

You are there for me at home, at work, you join me on many a gossip session with a friend, you sit within reach during a catch up with my parents. I can’t think of a time where you don’t fit in. You can be kept in a thermos for journeys or walks where there is no coffee shop, you are great iced if I am in a hurry or the weather is really warm and I just fancy a cold drink. I couldn’t be without you.

I hope you enjoy hearing of my appreciation to you coffee and I hope you recognise my dedication to you over many years (13 and counting). I can’t remember a time without you and I wouldn’t want to.

Thank-you for being you and for keeping me the calmest, most awake version of me.

Love Jess x



What ‘thing’ would you write a thank you note to? Do you love coffee too or are you a *shudder* tea drinker? I would love to hear in the comments below so please share!

I hope you had a little giggle at this post, I was certainly laughing as I wrote it!

Until the next time…Jess x

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