Book related Q and A

Now that a new year has begun and I’m starting to feel a little more confident blogging, I wanted to make my blog a little more personal. By that I mean that I want to show the person behind the blog a bit more. So, I thought I would kick that off with a Q and A post because I find them fun to read and fun to write as well! Rather than do a traditional one (I probably will at some point) right now, I thought it would be interesting to do a book related one because, as you have probably gauged by now if you have read this blog before, I love all things book related! I hope you enjoy reading!


What is your favourite book?

It’s really hard to narrow it down to one! I can just about get it down to two and they are Matilda by Roald Dahl and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I’m going to quickly move on from here, otherwise I will end up listing loads more!

Who is your favourite author?

As the question above proves, I can only answer this with two and they are (unsurprisingly) Roald Dahl and Jane Austen.

What makes you purchase a book?

Mainly it is the words of other people. Whether that be a recommendation from friends or family or a post I see on Instagram. Otherwise, it can be that I see a film and realise it is based on a book and then I feel desperate to read it, or it could just be a new release by an author I love.

Will you read a book after watching a film?

Yes, definitely! I am much less likely to do so if I don’t enjoy the film however.

Will you watch a film after reading the book?

Again, yes! I love film and I’m always interested to see different interpretations. This doesn’t always prevent me from getting annoyed if they change the story too much though!

Are there any books that you studied at Uni that you kept because you loved them?

There were a few yes: Dracula by Bram Stoker, The Burial at Thebes by Seamus Heaney, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and Howards End by E.M. Forster.

Any books that you have read that you hated?

None that I can think of no. I tend to just stopping reading a book and move onto something else if I’m really not enjoying it.

What is your top book to re-read?

Aside from the two books that I have put as my favourites above, I would say My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult. I have read this more times than I can remember but I still enjoy it every time! If you haven’t read it then you should really check it out.

What is your favourite genre?

I don’t really have one, I read lots of different genres but I particularly enjoy thrillers, I love trying to figure out the truth as I read.

What is your least favourite genre?

I would say Sci-Fi. I’m not against this genre but it is the one that doesn’t grab me. Perhaps I just haven’t read the right Sci-Fi piece yet!

Do you read non-fiction?

Yes, primarily autobiographies. What can I say, I’m really nosy!

Favourite place to read?

In the bath!

Do you wish you had more time to read?

Obviously! I could easily spend hours everyday reading, it’s a shame that things like having a job get in the way.

Does your partner read?

No, not really, I don’t think browsing the news on his phone counts does it?! He is definitely missing out in my opinion!

Does your family read?

Some do, some don’t. My mum and sister are self confessed book worms like me!

Do your friends read?

Again, some do and some don’t. One of my friends springs to mind as I type this because he always has his nose in a book! Maybe that is why we get on so well!

Which author will you always check out if they release a new book?

Nicholas Sparks, I have never read a book by him that I haven’t enjoyed!

Paperback, hardback or e-book?

Definitely paper back! I have a Kindle but nothing beats holding a real book in my hands. I choose paperback because I find them more comfortable to hold.

Do you read one book at a time or multiple books at once?

One at a time. I get quite particular when it comes to books, I can’t start a new one until I have finished the one that I am on.

What distracts you the most when you are reading?

My phone. I need to keep it in a different room when I read.


I found it really interesting how difficult some of those questions were to answer. I thought book related stuff would be easy! I really hope you enjoyed this post, I would love to hear your answers to some of these questions, so if you would like to share then please get in touch!

Until the next time…Jess x

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