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Why did I create my blog?

I have been meaning to write this post for a while now but for some reason I just never got around to it. But now I have. This post is going to be all about why I decided to start a blog. I hope you enjoy reading it!


So, I have always enjoyed reading blog posts. Quite often I can be found cosying up on the sofa with a coffee reading through loads of different blogs on lots of different topics. I love reading what people are getting up to (yes, I’m unashamedly nosey), finding inspiration, discovering new products that I want to try or books that I want to read etc etc. However, I hadn’t ever considered creating my own blog. This was for multiple reasons which include, but are not limited to, being awful with computers and afraid that what I produced would be rubbish. So, I didn’t do it. I just read what other people posted instead.

Anyway, as I neared ever closer to graduating I started not only thinking about the future and what I wanted to achieve next, but also I was sad at the thought of not writing anymore. I had a less than conventional university journey, I did part time study (with a year out halfway through) so despite beginning my degree at the age of 20 I didn’t graduate until I was 27. Studying this way proved to me that if you want something then you should just go out and get it. I was working full time and I could have just decided to carry on as I was but instead I thought ‘no, I want to graduate so I’m going to do it and who cares how long it takes’. With this in mind, I thought to myself one day ‘why not give blogging a go’. I mean, what is the worst that can really happen? A blog can always be deleted after all! It would definitely solve the problem of not writing anything after uni!


Now, something else that you should know about me is that I am horrifically indecisive. As a result of this, finding the courage to actually create a blog was the easy bit! What followed was a year of designing a blog, hating it and never sending it live. Alongside this, I was filling notebook upon notebook full of ideas, each conflicting with the previous one and leaving me frustrated, unable to decide on one thing and completely blog-less (is that a word?)!

Eventually I got to the point where the blog had a name, big thank you is due to my boyfriend for helping me with that! Once I had the name, I quickly managed to pick a theme, decide on a colour scheme, brainstorm some post ideas and flesh out the finished product. I was on a role! This wasn’t the end of the story however, I still didn’t have the courage to press the big publish button. I dithered around for a long time (I’m pretty good at that!) but eventually something inside me just went screw it, get it published! So, I did and beyondthefrontcover was born (does that sound a bit cheesy? Probably).

I’m so glad that I did it though, because I have been so much happier since I have been blogging. Don’t get me wrong, it can be kind of overwhelming at times to always have post ideas swimming around in my head, and it is definitely time consuming BUT it’s really fun and a great way to escape and indulge my love of writing. I have found that if I write what I want to write rather than what I think I should be writing then I really enjoy creating content. This might not make my blog as successful as others and it might be something that changes slightly as time goes on but I never want to forget that I found my little space on the internet because I love to write and I want to write. As long as I continue to keep that in mind I reckon I’m on the right track!


So, to answer the question: why did you create a blog? The answer turns out to be really easy…because I love writing, I love reading blogs and I wanted my own!

As time goes on I am more and more happy that I put my fears and anxieties aside and found the nerve to hit publish. Sharing my writing and having people enjoy reading it is definitely rewarding and very addictive!

Is there anything that you never thought that you would be brave enough to do but managed to achieve? I would love to hear!

The next thing on my list to be brave enough to tackle? Finishing writing a novel. I wrote a post on this which you can find here so please check it out if you would like to read it!

Until the next time…Jess x

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