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Why I would love to be a novelist

If somebody asked me what would be slap bang at the top of my bucket list, I wouldn’t hesitate to answer with I want to be a published novelist. I would love to walk into a book shop or browse the internet and find my novel, with my name on the front, published. It has only been recently that I have really craved this but since the craving started it has not subsided in the slightest!

Now I am sure you will be wondering if I have started writing anything and I could answer with loads but that wouldn’t be entirely honest. I have a notebook full to the brim with plot suggestions, character names, the brief outlines of many stories, but right now that seems to be the beginning and the end of my life as a novelist. There is one particular story that I have started to write and flesh out but it is not a novel…at least not what I thought would be the novel that I would want to or indeed be able to write. I don’t want to go into detail about it too much yet because it turns out I am super protective of it and I’m not quite ready for it to be anybody else’s except mine but once there is more to it than the odd chapter I may just find the courage to share more about it.


I will now get on to what the point of this post is and that is why I would love to be a novelist. From a very young age I always had a passion for reading and stories. My mum has told me many times how I would get her to read a story over and over until I had it memorised so I could ‘read’ it back to her. I put that in inverted commas because this was a time before I had learned to read, so yes, it started very young for me. I was always ahead of my age for reading and my passion for it has remained throughout my life. I have a treasury of stories that my granny and granddad gave me to me when I was very young, I would guess about 7-ish and written inside my granny put the simple phrase ‘For Jessica, because she is a reader’ and that phrase beautifully summed me up then and still does now. That treasury has travelled with me over the years and it sits on my book shelf now, I still enjoy reading it so the sentimental has not outweighed that yet. I don’t think it will. English was always my strongest subject at school and definitely what I enjoyed most so I guess it wouldn’t be too clichéd to say that it is just something in me, a passion, a talent that I have always possessed.

I didn’t consider writing as a passion until much later, probably when I began university. Actually, it wasn’t even really at the start of that, I would say rather that it was the last couple of years of my degree journey that I really thought hmmm I would love to write. As I neared ever closer to getting my degree I thought what next and every time I thought that I kept thinking back to what I had read about one of my favourite authors; Roald Dahl. I had read that he had a shed in his garden that he took himself off to and wrote inside of. It got me thinking or rather dreaming how I would love a house where I could have a room just for me with a wall of books, a large desk in a bay window and I would just spend my days in peaceful isolation writing away. So, finally, after never being that person who knew what they wanted to do for a career, I did know at last. I wanted to be a writer. A more difficult, or so I thought initially, question to answer was what type of writer did I want to be? Did I want to be an academic writer? Did I want to be a children’s writer? Did I want to be a blogger? Well yes, I liked the sound of all of those, particularly being a blogger. But overall, I wanted to write what I liked to read and that was blog posts and novels. Becoming a blogger is something I want to cover in a stand alone piece so I won’t go into detail about that here but it is of course an ambition that I am realising. As for novels, well, I have to find a story and write it and that takes time. As I have already said I have many ideas but so far no completed novels to speak of. On top of that I have no confirmation that I would get published so there is another hurdle all in itself. It won’t stop me trying and dreaming though because it is good to have ambition and goals and I don’t like the thought of giving up or accepting that something won’t happen. My outlook is that if I write it off (pun somewhat intended) then it definitely wont happen, if I keep trying then maybe it won’t happen. Well, I know nothing about odds but even I can conclude that my chances are better if I stick at it so that is what I am going to do.


I really enjoy shutting the world off and just writing what is in my head and that is why I would love to be a novelist. To know that I have brought some joy to somebody because of what I have written would honestly give me the biggest smile! I think of all the books I have enjoyed for many different reasons and if I could be that author for somebody else I would love that! And that is it. It is as simple as that as to why I would love to be a novelist…because I love to read and I love to write. Will it work out? Who knows. But there is one thing that is certain, one day I will have a novel and even if it doesn’t get published I will at least have it for me and that is something that makes me smile at the thought of.

I would love to hear what you all thought of this post, maybe you could tell me your dreams for the future also and how you plan to realise them?

Until the next time…Jess x

16 thoughts on “Why I would love to be a novelist

  1. Oh, it would be fantastic, wouldn’t it!? Yes, I don’t think a list of groceries and evening meals will make it onto the shelves of Waterstones somehow! 😆

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  2. It is reassuring to know simple ideas can turn into something wonderful. I would like to write a novel one day. I have a notebook to not down blog ideas when they come to me but it does end up with shopping lists in! ( apologies, I think I said that on your other post and it won’t make sense. ) 😂

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    1. I hope it happens for us both 😊 would be such an achievement! 😂 no problem! Same thing happens to me, whenever I’ve tried to set aside a notebook for writing I always seem to use it for day to day lists rather than the purpose I intended 😩


  3. I really enjoyed this post. It is fantastic that you are able to share your dreams in such an honest way. This made me think of two things I have read by authors at the end of their novels recently. At the end of Small Pleasures, by Clare Chambers, the author talks about how she got the idea for her plot from listening to a piece on Radio Four Woman’s hour. A journalist was talking about a newspaper she had worked for in the 1950s running a competition to find a virgin mother following a study on fish reproducing without a male. This is the idea her plot is based on, together with a train crash that was publicised at the time. She then developed her ideas and supported the build up of her story taking pieces from magazines etc and reading up on the 1950s, when the novel is set. She refers to the radio piece being the ‘ seed’ for her novel. I don’t think the novel materialised till some time later. It was published in 2020 and the radio piece was around 2000.
    At the end of my penguin paperback copy of Goodnight Mr Tom, it talks about the author being inspired by the tree-like colours of her laundry which prompted the characters William Beech and Tom Oakley.
    It just goes to show that for a writer, a small thing can give you that idea. Then you would expand from it and develop it. On the English course I took at university they advised to carry a ‘ writers notebook’ everywhere so as not to miss out on getting an idea down on paper.

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    1. Fascinating, thank you so much for sharing 😊 It’s a comfort to know that some really great literature can result from the most simple of ideas, it really reinforces the idea that we can all write if we choose to. I received the same advice re carrying a notebook but I haven’t started doing it yet and I don’t know why, I’m sure I’ve had many little ideas here and there that have been forgotten by the time I get home. Often the simplest advice is the most effective when put into practice 😊

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  4. I learned to read from a really young age, and so I always had my nose in a book (from fiction to non-fiction), and I started writing stories when I was about six! I’ve wanted to be a writer ever since, and I’ve definitely got notebooks full of bits and pieces, but nothing has quite materialised yet…one day though, hopefully!

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      1. That’s great! I had some ideas whilst I was studying Creative Writing in college, and I definitely miss having them as a source of inspiration. Best of luck to you as well, lovely. Be sure to let us know if you publish anything in the future!

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  5. I always enjoy reading your blog so I would say if you want to be a novelist then go for it. There’s so many people in the world who have settled for second best, particularly career wise. I guess I’m a lot older than you and there’s lots of things that I wish I’d tried over the years. I really wanted to be an actress when I was young but never attempted it because it seemed like a pie in the sky idea. I regret it to this day because who knows what might have happened? Better to try and fail then think “What if?” I really hope you follow your dream. Seems like you were born to write.


    1. Thank you! That’s very kind of you to say! I definitely will keep at it because as you say it’s better than having the ‘what if’. It’s never too late to try something though so don’t ever give up on your ambitions ! Jess x


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