Why I never have a New Year’s resolution

So, it’s nearly that time of year again, where people start pondering over what their New Year’s resolution will be. Not me though! Nope! I never have one! Why? Well, let me explain…

Generic not personal

Call me cynical and maybe I am but I find New Year’s resolutions to be completely generic and not at all personal! All the usual ones rear their head such as: join a gym, go on a diet, give up smoking etc etc. I feel like they revolve around what people think they should do rather than what they want to do and that just seems to be a bit of a recipe for disaster in my eyes, which leads me into my next reason…

Nobody ever sticks to them

Okay, maybe that is a little unfair, there has to be people that do/have but for the majority I think it is too much pressure or they are only doing it because they feel they should have a resolution and they aren’t fully into it. If you want to do something/improve something/give something up then in my opinion, just do it! Whatever the time of year, whatever the reason, if you have found the willpower then go for it! I think you are setting yourself up for failure if you start something just because that is what you should do when January 1st rolls around.

They make you feel bad

Kind of similar to the one above in so much as if you don’t stick to a resolution then you can feel really rubbish! For example, if your resolution is to eat healthily and then you have a little slip up because you haven’t had a great day, well, that is totally normal! BUT, if it’s your New Year’s resolution then you feel like a failure and that’s not a good feeling!

They aren’t specific enough

In two ways. Firstly in what you are wishing to achieve and secondly in how you are going to achieve it. So, in my opinion, it is not enough to say ‘I’m going to eat healthily’, how are you going to do that? Are you going to limit yourself to one bar of chocolate a week? Are you going to switch up chips for veg? Will you ditch a latte for a mint tea? Little changes and choices like the ones I just suggested are far more manageable and less likely to leave you feeling like you have failed. Now, how are you going to achieve it? That can be substituting one thing for another or it can be reducing the frequency of something. Whatever it is, it is a way for you to achieve your goal, the chances of success have got to be higher if you are approaching something with how you will do it rather than simply saying you will do it.

Overall, I just don’t think the chances of success with New Year’s resolutions are very high, particularly when they start in January and the weather is awful and the purse definitely lighter! I would rather make an improvement in May and actually stick to it rather than conform, decide something for January, fail by the second week and spend the rest of the month with fingers crossed that nobody asks me how I’m getting on with it.

What’s your opinion on New Year’s resolution? Do you have a success story to counteract my points? Do get in touch!

Until the next time…Jess x

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