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How I motivate myself to blog

Everybody needs motivation sometimes right? Whether that is professionally or personally, I’m sure we can all remember times where we just felt disillusioned. With that in mind I wanted to share some of my tips for ensuring I stay motivated to blog because even though I love it, I too have fallen victim to a lack of enthusiasm at times. Hopefully some of my tips will be useful to you!


Always have a notebook nearby to jot down ideas for posts

It’s amazing how ideas can come to you at the most random times, it might be whilst out shopping or during a quiet moment at work and if you are anything like me, if the ideas aren’t written down pretty quickly then they get forgotten and that is really annoying! Your phone is a great alternative if you are without a notebook or you don’t like carrying one! Why is this important? Because it is inevitable that there will be times where the inspiration isn’t flowing to write and if you have a list of ideas then you can pull something together! I find once I get going I’m fine!

Read other blogs

If I can’t be bothered to write or if I’m in one of those ‘I don’t know what to write’ moods then I always end up inspired when I read another blog. Whether it encourages me to write on a particular topic or whether it just inspires me to write something off of my list, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is I find other writers get me writing!

Organising my work space

For me personally, this varies. Some days I feel the need to be sat at a desk with my laptop set out and pens and notebooks nearby, and other days I want to be comfy on the sofa with only cushions and a coffee in reach. I find that doing what works for me at the time is best and I’m not afraid to mix it up if that is what I need!

Write about what I love

It’s really hard to stick to this at times because anybody is at risk of getting caught up in thinking what will be the most successful post to publish? However, I think the vast majority of people begin a blog for the love of writing, I know I did, and if I don’t write what I want to write and read about then it can quickly wear thin and result in a big gap or even worse giving up altogether!

Doing something I love to take a break

I go for a walk, grab a coffee with a friend, read a book or have a bath. I have found that taking some time for myself gives me a well deserved break from worrying about writing or working on my blog and I find doing this helps clear my mind so that when I come back to writing I am ready to get stuck in again.

Surrounding myself with positivity

Sure, we all have bad days where we can’t shift the grump, and that’s okay, but, I have discovered that I really feed off of the moods of those around me. So, I try to keep only positive, motivated people close to me as their attitudes are infectious and keep me going. I ask them how they stay motivated and apply that advice to my own circumstances. I have found it to be invaluable!

Giving myself a little treat when I complete something

It can be something really small like watching an episode of my favourite show or browsing the internet for an hour with a coffee. Whatever it is, I make sure to reward myself with something I enjoy, but, only once I have completed the blog task that I have set myself for that day.


I hope these suggestions have helped you! If you have any that you think would be useful then please add them to the comments list!

Until the next time…Jess x

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