I just don’t close doors now apparently

Well, I do close the important ones! It’s not like I’m driving with the door open or leaving the house without locking up, that would just be stupid! So, what am I talking about? Is this a build up to some metaphorical reasoning? Nope! I’m simply referring to the doors within my house. So, why are they all open? Because they are being held open by one of my newest obsessions…doorstops. I’m actually running out of doors to use them on but that’s okay because I can just use them as ornaments instead…is that a bit strange?

I’m going to let you know where this began. It was a few years ago (I can’t remember exactly when) but I received a gift voucher from my brother for my birthday (it may have been Christmas, again I can’t remember exactly). Anyway, I was out shopping with my Mum and Dad and I thought; ooh I have that voucher, I’m going to spend it! It was probably close to payday and my only way to guilt-free have something new! So, the voucher was for Next, I love their home section so I went straight there. Annoyingly there was nothing really catching my eye. Doesn’t that always happen, when you want to get something, there isn’t anything you want?! Of course when you are trying to save the pennies there are items everywhere calling your name! Well, I persevered (I’m good at that when it comes to shopping) and eventually I noticed a doorstop nestled at the back of a shelf. I’ll pop a photo on so you can appreciate what I thought when I saw it: how cute! So, I got it, I took it home and it was awarded pride of place holding the living room door open, and there it has remained ever since.



Well, that was only the start it seems, since then I have acquired one after the other. Interestingly they have all been gifts, but I can assure you I would have bought more myself if I hadn’t have received them for birthdays or Christmas!

So why do I love them?

I just think they make a room more interesting. They can provide a focal point, something to catch the eye of a visitor and more importantly they are a visual reminder of the special people in my life (obviously this point applies to them being gifts).

Just like my post about candles which you can read here I believe you can’t have too many doorstops, it’s all about being creative with purpose and location! It’s interesting, because as somebody that hates clutter I would have thought that doorstops would have entered that category for me but they just don’t. I think they are cute and so, in my house at least, they aren’t going anywhere, they are only going to grow in numbers, even if that means it’s an obstacle course to get in and out of every room!

Do you collect anything? Let me know, I would love to hear!

Until the next time…Jess x

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