A book review: The Woman in the Wood

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I have just finished reading The Woman in the Wood (thanks Mum for lending it to me)! When I put the book down, I felt compelled to review it so here I am sharing my thoughts! I hope you enjoying reading this!

TITLE: The Woman in the Wood

AUTHOR: Lesley Pearse



We begin in 1960 in London, where we meet teenage twins Maisy and Duncan. Immediately we witness their pain as their mother is taken from their home to an asylum. Within moments they are uprooted from their home and placed with their unloving and rather cold paternal grandmother in the New Forest. Just as they begin to settle in, finding friendship and love with housekeeper Janice that they hadn’t experienced from anybody but each other previously, everything changes. Duncan goes missing one day, last known to be in the forest where a strange lady lives alone with only her dog. The outlook appears bleak, after all, the bodies of other missing boys are stacking up, so why would Duncan’s fate be any different? Maisy won’t give up though. She is determined to solve the case if only to bring back Duncan’s body. The burning question is: will she be brave enough to ask the strange woman who knows the forest so well to help her?

My thoughts.

I want to be careful with this review because I don’t want to give anything away for anybody that may be yet to read this book but I will start by simply saying that I really enjoyed reading this! Yes there were parts that were somewhat predictable and times where it was obvious the direction that the story was heading in but that didn’t take away from the enjoyment at all! Not for me anyway.

This book has characters that really provoke emotional reactions. Whether that be love or hate, there isn’t a single character that won’t spark some form of reaction from you. If you have read this, or plan to then let me know what you think of Grace? She was a stand out character for me! I won’t say why (just in case), instead I will suggest you give it a read and find out for yourself.

It is not just the characters that make this book a great read, it is the interesting relationships that these characters hold that really help to drive the story forward also. There is more than one where we think we have them figured out, only to be surprised to see another side of them (hint, this is both good and bad)!

This book, for me, really had everything. There is mystery, love, pain, happiness and sadness. Overall, it is an absorbing read! More than once I found myself annoyed when I had to put it down because I just wanted to keep reading. It’s easy to read, perfect for a spot of escapism and has definitely left me wanting to check out other titles by Pearse. So yes, I would definitely recommend checking this one out!

Have you read it? What did you think of it?

Until the next time…Jess x

7 thoughts on “A book review: The Woman in the Wood

  1. Inspiring me, as usual, and I want to read this now, with an element of personal interest. Where will this go ? You’re careful not to reveal this , but it’s set in the Sixties, so for many people, that’s living memory. My mother in law’s mother was taken to an asylum when her four children were very young – eldest only eight – and never came home.

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    1. You should definitely give it a go, it’s such an absorbing read! There is a lot to relate to in this one yes, whether the lack of confidence/introverted characteristics of one character, or the put on a brave face in public type, or even the navigation of playground politics and all consuming jealousy. The term ‘has it all’ gets used a lot but this book really does! What a tragic story, and the children so young…heartbreaking!


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