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Gift giving tradition with someone special

I’m the first to say to my friends ‘let’s not bother with gifts, we’ll just go for a drink instead’. I find it that takes the stress out of gift buying, it avoids spending money on things that are at risk of sitting in a cupboard and never being used and it ensures I spend some quality time with my friends instead! However, I have one friend (she will know this is her when she reads this) that really enjoys gift giving. I’m pretty confident that she would be happy to just give and not get anything in return. Why am I confident of this? Because she just seems to enjoy thinking of what people may want and being that person that makes them smile when they receive it. Anyway, this particular friend is the only friend that I buy for at Christmas, everyone else is on my ‘we’ll just go for a drink’ wavelength. I wouldn’t change her for anything though!

So, for quite a few years we just asked each other what sort of thing the other one wanted and we went with that and it worked. But, last Christmas we decided on a different tactic. I actually can’t remember which one of us came up with it but we decided on themed gifts with a budget. Last year was Disney, made personal by following each others interests that we obviously already know because we are friends. So, for example, she got me a Disney wine glass because, yep, I love a cheeky glass of wine or two or three…okay you get the point. It was a really cute idea and we both really enjoyed seeing the other persons take on the theme! Anyway, we decided it would be a lovely tradition for us to keep up every Christmas. It would tick the box of being thoughtful, which is important to both of us when gift giving and it would also bring some fun and a unique aspect to the proceedings!

This style of gift giving is also a great way to get to know fun things about a friend that you may not find out otherwise, especially if you become friends as adults. We found that this year. We decided again on a budget but the theme this time would be favourites. The categories are: favourite colour, food, drink, TV show and animal. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I only knew the answer to one or two of these! We were 20 and 21 when we met and I suppose you don’t really ask ‘what’s your favourite colour?’ at those ages like you would as a child, but it was really nice finding out the answers and really fun to find gifts that match!

I’m really excited to see her interpretations of the categories and how they may or may not relate to mine for her. In fact I think I’m as excited for that as I am for the actual gifts!

Do you have any gift giving traditions within your friends and/or family? I would love to hear them!

Until the next time…Jess x


4 thoughts on “Gift giving tradition with someone special

  1. What a great idea! I totally agree with you about present giving in general. There’s so much pressure to spend way too much money on the perfect Christmas. Countless people showing off on Facebook doesn’t help! Personally what I’m looking forward to most at Christmas is having all my family (children and grandchildren etc) all round enjoying each other’s company. Costs nothing but absolutely priceless!


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