You can’t have too many candles!

I think I have a slight obsession with candles. I have way too many candles! I mean, I could probably stock my own shop, there’s that many in my collection! I just love them though. I have large jar candles, votives, wax melts, tealights and so the list goes on. I have every colour of the rainbow and every scent you could imagine, from mojito to fresh linen, and I’m always on the lookout for more. There has been times where my living room is a certified fire hazard but hey, at least I’m good to go if there is a power cut!

Simply put, I just enjoy them. I like the fresh smell filling the room I am in, I enjoy watching the flame flickering and I even like how they look as an ornament on the table. As far as I’m concerned there is never a bad time to light a candle and I have had people comment on how lovely my home smells so they definitely do the trick! They make my space more relaxing and my home more homely and that is important to me. As I write this I have a SNOW IN LOVE Yankee Candle burning and it’s ticking all the boxes for me!

What makes your home feel that little more homely?

Until the next time…Jess x

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